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Merry Christmas !

Hi all, Merry Christmas I still waiting for unthetered JB for porting vWallpaper 2 to iOS5

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Update of SkrewCommon

Hi, Little update of SkrewCommon for the problem reported about some effects don’t works anymore when enabled together.

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vWallpaper 2 v0.7 & SkrewCommon 2

Hey it’s hallowweeeeenn You can find a little halloween gift in this update, and the auto-lock for video springboard. I still look for a nice (clean) solution for the alarm problem on lock screen when video play. For iOS5 support … Continue reading

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vWallpaper 2 v0.6 & SkrewCommon 2

Hi, – Add picture mask, but not only for videos, you can use it for others effects too. I will provide a tuto soon for creating repository

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vWallpaper 2 v0.5 & SkrewCommon 2

Hi, First, i want to thanks donators. I really appreciate your help. Changelog: – You can put widgets behind icons (look in settings, switch on/off “Stay behind icons”) – You can switch on/off wallpaper. – Add panorama effect. – Add … Continue reading

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vWallpaper 2 v0.4 released

Hi Quick update for adding – so many wanted – background image (no settings yet, just change wallpaper as usual from settings apps). Not so simple because of format change since 4.2.1 (modders know what i mean). Bigger update coming

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vWallpaper 2 v0.3 released

Changelog: – Missing switch on/off for video in Lock screen. – Respring more fastly. – iPad compliant. – Download more videos. – Few bugs blasted.

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vWallpaper 2 beta 1 available !

Hi,   04/2008: vWallpaper 1 got public release (you can watch video here:   So in 2011 it’s time to release the version 2… Available on my repository. Videos, widgets, particles, 3D…. And more coming 😉   Remember,  it’s … Continue reading

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vWallpaper2 video preview #2

A new and last video preview for vWallpaper2

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What do you think ?

Little video, vWallpaper 2 preview… And happy birthday to me! 🙂

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