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vWallpaper / vRingtones available for iOS4 (RC2)

Tested on my iPhone 4 on iOS4.0. Remember it’s a Release candidate ! not the final version

– Update 08/07 10:32pm: Release of RC2 of SkrewCommon who should fix problem with black screen when you have winterboard installed.

Please report (and tell device – OS version). Don’t just comment when it don’t work for you, tell if it works too !

Packages for OS3 still exists, and packages for OS3 don’t get updated anymore ! Please don’t tell !


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Don’t worry….

vWallpaper come on iOS4, i have it running on my iPhone 4 right now, i have to debug & tune up the code…

So please, stop email me, its coming ! 🙂 (preview video in this post)


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New: vWallPaper 1.12 / SkrewCommon 1.58

Hi all,

It’s the long awaited feature, vWallpaper can handle sleeping mode.
Packages are only available on my repo ATM:

remember it’s for testing this new feature.
Leave comments here, and merry X-Mas to all

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New vWallpaper / SkrewCommon


As it seem to be ok for the OS3.1 release, here is a new version.

You can add my repository on cydia : and install vWallpaper.


– if you switch off vWallpaper, its destroy his content and respring, so you can see your wallpaper background.
– You can now downloading videos and Ringtones videos again within application.

As usual, i waiting for your feedback, so i can release it in public repository. Thanks

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vWallpaper tested on iPhone 3G – OS 3.1


vWallpaper works on my iPhone 3G / OS3.1 with the new mobilesubstrate.

Next post: The download bug in vWallpaper application.

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Now for 3GS…

Hi ppl,

First, sorry for the downtime, i dind’t see i had forget to fix the dns for this site 🙁

Now, it should works for 3G & 3GS

I Still looking for a solution for the autolock

Take and install it as usual
Don’t forget if you don’t have it

Please tell me if its works better with WinterBoard installed.

EDIT: There are a bug with download videos, it’s identified. Thanks for report. I still waiting for some others bugs before updating application 

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First public beta for OS 3.0


First, install mobilesubstrate if you don’t have it (from cydia or type in a ssh box: apt-get install mobilesubstrate)


Put these archives on your iPhone (e.g.: /tmp/)
then exec (in ssh):
cd /tmp/
dpkg -i SkrewCommon155.deb vWallpaper110.deb

Normally you don’t need to reboot, just respring (or type killall SpringBoard)

Known issues:
– iPhone doesn’t go to sleep mode
– Sometimes the video doesn’t restart after leaving an application

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Firmware 3.0 support

Hi ppl,

Long time, isn’t ? 🙂

I just started porting vWallpaper/vRingtones on firmware 3.0.

Actually i got hook part working, i have to finish port of GUI app

Testers can write to me (you know my email, and please don’t publish it! :p), i will send back 2 .deb to install.


EDIT: Port to 3.0 finished… Waiting for feedbacks 

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Second release of SkrewCommon 1.54

UPDATE : version removed too … I really need someone who have problem with 1.54 version and can provide me an vnc access to see whats happen on your iPhone, because it run fine on mine. I can’t debug a problem when it works fine here … 

Hi all,

SkrewCommon 1.54 are released again, with less memory use and fix problem of iPhone going sleeping when you watch videos with iPod.

This version remove the hack introduced to previous 1.54 version of SkrewCommon for Winterboard.

I waiting for some feedbacks to give this update to iSpazio.


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SkrewCommon 1.54 released

NOTA : This version has been removed


A new version of SkrewCommon released with :

– Hook get a cure of slimfast!
– You can now watch a movie with iPod without getting iPhone sleeping.
– As Saurik don’t reply to my mail, vWallpaper now works with theme/webtheme of Winterboard (but it’s not a clean fix, as Winterboard still display wallpaper/web theme in background, this is a waste of speed/memory for nothing!)

Have fun!

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