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I’m still alive ! :)

Hi people,

First, thanks all for your support!
Don’t worry, i’m still alive…

What’s up ?

– All my stuffs are now ported with mobilesubstrate from Saurik (thanks!)Ā 
– Video Ringtones are working now
– Suggestions and bugs reported are fixed too

So you will get an update very soon on Cydia! šŸ™‚

PS: I would like to thanks users who reported SBSettings. Right, it’s a full plagia of iFastSwitch, without any notice, greetz or other … Bah, you see, it’s the "iPhone scene" … yeah, it’s sux!

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iFastSwitch 1.31 & SkrewCommon 1.46: iToday, vWallpaper & iFastSwitch

Hello again,

What’s new ?

vWallpaper : Autolock implantation. Please report on forum

iToday : don’t display "@" if there are not location defined.

* iFastSwitch :
– Problem for halt / reboot : please test if it’s ok for you now.
– SSH : Implementation of 4 ssh server version. As i can’t test all versions, please report if it’s ok for you. If not, post on forum with maximum details about your configuration.

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iFastSwitch 1.3 and Skrew Common 1.44

Most important changes are :

– You need to sweep your finger from the status bar at top of the springboard, its most easy and more simple šŸ™‚
– You can now turn on/off ssh (only tested with openssh 4.6 from installer)
– You can activate iFastSwitch even on other applications, if status bar are visible.

Have fun!

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New application : iFastSwitch for donators!


To thank all of those people that supported me by any means (donations, support, help in forum, icons…), I have created this application specially for you! šŸ™‚

video available here :


Thanks to obscur909 from for his incredible theme, video, support etcetc šŸ™‚

If you think you have helped me in any way but don’t have donated, write me a mail for a "license". Thanks.

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