Make Free ringtones on your jailbreaked iPhone!

26/06/2008: vWallpaper 0.9 released. Read changelog. You can now add repository list for videos.


24/05/2008: iToday 0.4 & SkrewCommon 1.34 released. Read changelog! Have fun and make feedback! Thanks


18/05/2008: iToday 0.2 & SkrewCommon 1.31 released. Read changelogs! Have fun and make feedback! Thanks


12/05/2008: iToday 0.1 & SkrewCommon 1.2 released. Read changelogs! Have fun and make feedback! Thanks


05/05/2008 : Million visitor ! Thanks all for your support!
1.021.746 visitors since the first launch, 09 march 2008.

Ringtones and vWallpaper still in top 10 applications on iAppCat.

I want to thanks all users, webmasters who contribute by spreading information and provide feedbacks 


04/05/2008: I NEED YOUR HELP:


04/05/2008: vWallpaper 0.8 out! Please don’t report about missing functions, just if it don’t work for you! Thanks.

You need to install SkrewCommon for vWallpaper and Ringtones. You can found it in System category on installer Application.


21/04/2008 : Video on springboard: watch this video 🙂


19/04/2008 : Ringtones 2.85 released! Better cutting process and more. See changelog


15/04/2008 : Ringtones 2.84 here! Set ringtones without converting process!
Click on "start converting", "Direct ringtones", "Select Global Ringtone", choose a song, press "Set as default ringtone" and its done! Make a test call to verify. Verify you have rebooted iphone and enabled "Enable Ringtones!" switch


03/04/2008 : rWallpaper 1.2 running


Please report bugs on forum. Thanks! 🙂

Stay tuned! New applications belong to you 🙂 You’ll be informed here





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