vWallpaper on iPad


This is a video on iPad from a talented video wallpaper maker: PizentuDeWind

Get over 230 videos on his cydia repository: http://pizentudewind.myrepospace.com/

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20 Responses to vWallpaper on iPad

  1. Rodrigo says:

    Thanks jus what I was looking for it wors great with the ipad 2

  2. James says:

    Hi Skrew,

    thumbs up for the vwallpaper,

    however, after i’ve installed to my iPad2, whenever i close a apps, it will bring me to safe mode, is there any solution?

    i’ve been reading all forums and can’t seem to find an answer..

    Please guide me.. T

    Thanks =)

  3. gregs says:

    can anyone help me with this

  4. gregs says:

    how come wheni try downloadin from pizentudawind repo it tells me depends com.skrew.vwallpaper and i have skrewcommon for ios4

  5. Marimbondo says:

    So I added pizentu’s repository and sometime thereafter I was prompted to upgrade cydia. I did a complete upgrade. I then tried to install a vwallpaper from pizentu. Not only did it fail, but it bugged vwallpaper from starting at all. I had to reinstall vwallpaper after and everything returned to normal.

    I suspect the cydia upgrade is to blame. Maybe I should have declined the upgrade and tried to enjoy that repository first.

    Any guidance to successfully loading one of your vwallpapers for the iPad with this upgrade of cydia would be great.

  6. Mukhit says:

    At last I’ve got it working right, I read carefully the comments of Pazentu DeWind ( thank you) and used only those vWallpapers with iPad in the name, however the video doesn’t change as per geolocation. Example, I have installed vWallpaper “Rain Glass iPad, because of the above bug the water drops slide horizontally.
    Can this be fixed?

  7. Mukhit says:

    Downloaded wallpapers play on the top right corner only. Why?
    I tried to find “Dim Icons”, but there’s no such.
    Can anyone give a detailed advice how to fix my problem?
    Thanks in advance. My iPad is on iOS 4.3.3

  8. Johnnybgood1023 says:

    Can I upload Videos that I would like to use? Make my own start time like the VideoTones by MÜZ on android market place. My friend is the creator of that app. but I’m an iPhone person & I love the app. So plz contact me & let me know If there’s a way to do it! Thank you.

  9. Jasen says:

    Trying to add your source to my Cydia, but i see a lot of different version with capitals letters and lower case letters, what is the real source to put in to Cydia. Thank you

  10. Pizentu DeWind says:

    @jerry- The problem with the videos playing only in the top left corner is because most videos are not sized to fit the iPad. Most are made for the iPhone and iPods. The ones made for iPad will have “iPad” in the name of the vWallpaper.

    @Jamie- The problem exists because the site that hosts my repo gets bogged down with traffic and sometimes makes it difficult to download packages. I often get the “Failed to fetch….” message but after Cydia refreshes I see the new videos I have uploaded were indeed “fetched.” I know the repo works because I have well over 43,000 downloads of my 230+ vWallpaper vids. I dont have the money to maintain my own website and since I do all of this for free and refuse donations, I dont have much choice in how well the host of my repo works. Sorry.

  11. Jamie says:

    Yea, it doesn’t work on iPhone4 for me. When trying to load/reload the source in Cydia, you get:

    Failed to fetch
    POSIX: Operation timed out
    Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored,
    or old ones used instead.

    If you try to download a wallpaper from the source within Cydia you get the following:

    POSIX: Operation timed out
    POSIX: Operation timed out

  12. iMan says:

    When I try to add the source to cydia it times out while verifying. Any ideas?

  13. Bartek says:

    Why are all my videos only playing in the top corner of the iPad screen, and not full screen?

  14. Jerry says:

    Why are all my videos only playing in the top corner of the iPad screen, and not full screen?

  15. Jayjay says:


    use the “Dim Icons” Theme for WinterBoard.
    maybe you have to move the icons before you see the result but it works!

  16. terry says:

    I got it to work, i had the older version of vWallpaper and need the repo from this site

  17. terry says:

    When i try to install one of the wallpapers in cydia it says “the requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependcies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed”

  18. skrew says:

    @benson: I working right now on a version where you can choose transparency of icons.

  19. Benson says:

    You can download from source http://pizentudewind.myrepospace.com/

    How to make icons become transparent ??

  20. shah says:

    how to download vwallpaper