New vWallaper & SkrewCommon

Hi ppl,

– vWallpaper adds icon transparency.
– Some minors fixes.
– 3DFiction repository full support added.

Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

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63 Responses to New vWallaper & SkrewCommon

  1. evan says:


    first of all great job with the app, i love it and think its an awesome app. only problem is i currently am not able to use it. for some reason vwallpaper now causes my springboard to become unstable. i can move through the pages but cant select ANY apps and the wallpaper is simply black and the phone is unusable. i disabled 3D board and ibarrel. please help, feel free to email, thanks in advance!

  2. Rigimortis says:

    @ Skrew — Any way to fix it that after you close a program ( Twitter,Facebook,Anything ) It enables the vWallpaper again? Everytime i close it i either have to load or hit the power button then unlock again. And also can you add a option to enable it for a Lockscreen vWallpaper too?

    thanks mate..

  3. Roger Nordin says:

    Hi, thanks for the continued support of vWallpaper, I used it ever since the first “beta versions” were released for iOS4, and it is essential to “style” the phone. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Now, when playing background music such as iPod, the animation is disabled, and I understand this is the intended design. But just having a black background is kinda boring – is there a way to select a background picture to be used instead, when animation is disabled due to background music being played?
    If not, consider that a feature request ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks a lot!
    Best Regards,

  4. Rocky says:


    I putting up my own video

    as this video has the instruction

    Am I wrong??


  5. skrew says:

    @Rocky: Where you download videos ?

  6. Rocky says:


    Sure Bro, I will upload two pic which first one is 320 x 240 and Second one is 320 x 480

    First One

    Second One

    As you can see the second one can be fix to the screen but the quality is quire weird, her face getting so long

    So I am prefer to use the first one, but as you can see it is only can be shower on the first half of the screen, so I am wondering that whether you can help me to put the screen to the middle?

    I am current using I phone 4 4.2.1 version
    And the file name, I did put done under Japanese


  7. skrew says:

    @Rocky: Make a screenshot and give me a link to see it. Also mention the name of the video (take a video on my repo) and your iOS version, device (..)

  8. Rocky says:


    hey bro, I read all the comment from your web and also I did download the app which is I love it.

    But I still can not find any solution about the half screen problem, And I believe that many ppl has the same problem so can you please help us out?

    the problem is how to move the video to the middle of the screen?


  9. DupAjas says:

    Hello we are still waiting for Paid demo fix. Any time soon?

  10. DupAjas says:

    High Flyin says:
    Wondering if you knew about this and if youโ€™re planning to make a fix?
    Hey just press the home button.

  11. James says:

    Help with crashes please email me

  12. James says:

    Everytime I use your video wallpaper
    And I use any app springboard crashes
    Need help please

  13. Balce says:

    Hi, d application is great but I was wondering if it is possible to add a costum video ringtone of my choice.

  14. High Flyin says:

    I just downloaded vWallpaper yesterday and I love it. One thing I’m noticing though is when I press an app or exit back to the home screen, my wallpaper disappears and the home screen becomes black for about a half a second. It’s pretty distracting and kind of annoying.

    Wondering if you knew about this and if you’re planning to make a fix?

  15. freepredator says:

    Excuse me, I have just installed vWallpaper, but I don’t know why when I enable video wallpaper, respring, and slide to unlock iphone, device turn into loop safe mode.. I have to disabled video wallpaper, in safe mode, to turn back normality. I have already installed lockinfo ( that works fine ), and other tweaks.. Maybe am I the only one with this issue?
    Please, help me..
    P.S: I have iphone 4 with iOS 4.1
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions

  16. stryver says:

    hey skrew, the whole reason i jailbroke my ipod was for vwallpaper, i had seen it on youtube and fell in love with the whole idea. Unfortunately i recently had to restore my ipod and reinstall ALL the mods and repos etc. Even more unfortunately is giving me error messages and not allowing me to even browse your repo. Is this a server error that can be waited out or something worse? Its breaking my heart to have to look at my ipod without the brilliant vwallpapers in the background, so, any help would be greatly appreciated. I figure you would be the best person to ask. Also props for the whole vWallpaper thing its genius.

  17. Lokosexy says:

    Hi man i like ur app but u can do video rintone about reggeton

  18. skrew says:

    Send me a Viphone 4.2.6 and i can see…

  19. Descyite (will) says:

    Skew, thx for your work.
    I have a problem tho, my friend has a Viphone 4.2.6
    And when I install vwallpaper if it’s anywhere other than pg. 1 first spot on the springboard it crashes.
    Also I’ve noticed a couple people asked you with no reply.
    Please write back so he can read this and NOT feel about jailbreaking like he dose now. @tim

  20. Matt says:

    The Star Wars vids are awesome! More Star Wars vids if possible! Great job!

  21. Duncan says:

    Love the new vWallpaper, just one thing.

  22. El Capo says:

    Does this fix the assigned contacts vringtone issue?
    I use 3Gs iOS4.2.1 and not work for me

  23. Youknowhoitis says:

    Does vwallpapers support iOS 4.3.1? Because that’s what I’m running right now, and I cannot add the source, or download vwallpapers. Does anyone have a direct download link so I can SSH,vwallpapers to my phone?

  24. Jenny says:

    Icon transparency did not work on my phone. But it works on my sister’s phone. Pls advise. Thanks.

  25. Irishgond says:

    Does vwallpaper support the video resolution for the iPhone 4 (640ร—960) as I canโ€™t get them to display properly. They all have to be resized to 320ร—480..???

  26. skrew says:

    @Mac: Sorry, my fault, you have to add the word ‘pas’ before your code

    So if your code received by are 123456, enter as code:


  27. Mac says:

    I have bought 3Dfiction, but when I enter the code, the video don’t what to download, what should I do?

  28. Kenix says:

    May I know how to install vwallpaper?? Thanks!!

  29. Ak47 marksmann199 says:

    Yhu Should make a moder warfare 2 vwalpaper or a black ops one like some dude sniping or shooting some1(:

  30. xyi02 says:

    when i get a call the vrigntone works then on the next call the volume is turn down and it only vibrates

  31. Frank Black says:

    The new speedy Cydia v1.1 is showing a

    “GPG error: ./ Release: The following signatures were invalid: NODATA 1 NODATA 2″

    On the refreshing Data screen. Anyone know how to fix?

  32. JRind says:

    Does vWallpaper conflict with any of the Winterboard themes that you are aware of? Ive add your source, installed vWallpaper along with Skrew….everytime I enable the vWallpaper, my phone crashes and goes into safe mode. Any suggestions?

  33. Jay Phillips says:

    Yeah I remember exactly what I did. I added the repository to get vWallpaper, I installed it, I dowloaded some wallpapers from the links in the app, and then the icon fonts were changed. How does turning on a wallpaper change the fonts?

  34. skrew says:

    @Mars: It’s not a bug, media system don’t play video & music at the same time, it’s a iOS limitation.

  35. skrew says:

    @Jay: I repeat, vWallpaper change nothing in the system, so it’s not vwallpaper. Try to remember what you have do.
    I had the same problem while playing with winterboard, a theme replaced all fonts and in applications i had GUI fuck*d (EG, text fill 2 lines where normally fit in 1 line). I had restored my iPhone, as others themes never restored original fonts.

  36. Jay Phillips says:

    I installed vWallpaper and I found several interesting wallpapers but one thing I didn’t ask for, it changed all my icon fonts to what looks like a typewriter font and when I type now it sounds like a typewriter and the dock icons are dim and there isn’t anything I can do to fix it. Uninstalling doesn’t help. I’ve tried changeing the font in Winterboard, I’ve tried several font apps, and I’ve looked all over the file system to see what has changed but to no avail. Any ideas?

  37. Mars says:

    Hi, the video wallpaper works well but doesn’t work while the music is playing. :/

  38. r0p says:


    The funny thing is when i reinstall vwallpaper it works with a moving wallpaper also when i download a wallpaper true cydia activating with winterboard works. But when i try it the normal way setting>wallpaper it just wont work, black home screen wallpaper…

  39. Edwin says:

    When’d open Cydia came a GPS hearer on I.danstaface sources, and vwallpaper donot work. Mi phone came on safemode, please tell me what happen and how can I fixe this problem. Thank you.

  40. Bumble says:

    I noticed that if I go into an app such as “Tap Reef” and press the home button, the iAd that it was displaying in the app is displayed at the top of the homescreen behind the status bar. If I uninstall vWallpaper, everything returns back to normal.

  41. Ghettotek says:

    Actually, that’s a wrong link, my bad..

  42. Ghettotek says:

    I was just googling, Sorry I’m not too familiar with what a “toolchain” is but i hope this helps.

  43. skrew says:

    @Ghettotek: i need toolchain for iOS4 and i don’t have it ATM.
    If someone have it…

  44. skrew says:

    @r0p: so the problem is other, vwallpaper & skrewcommon don’t alter any file, if you remove skrewcommon & reboot, there are nothing else to do.

  45. Ghettotek says:

    When will Vwallpaper support video wallpaper and mask wallpaper in 640×960 iPhone 4. I’ve tried to upload and own video and wallpaper but it zoomed in when I apply it. If I change the resolution of the video and masked wallpaper to 320×480, it works but the quality is bad and blurry. Will there be a update soon?



  46. r0p says:


    I allready did that and will not help, also with a reboot it stays the same…

  47. skrew says:

    @r0p: uninstall SkrewCommon too… and respring if needed

  48. r0p says:

    Very nice app but i wanted to switch back because my battery was low and now i cant pick a background for my home screen. It becomes just a black wallpaper. I’ve tried to uninstall vwallpaper but no help the black home screen stays.

    Any help please.

  49. Walter Taylor IV says:

    Does this fix the assigned contacts vringtone issue? It would not work for me on my Verizon Iphone 4 iOS 4.2.6

    PS. Great App! Thanks!