Little update for vWallpaper


Little update for vWallpaper (1.25).

Bigger coming !

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12 Responses to Little update for vWallpaper

  1. Hendra says:

    hello, i use vwallpaper and i have a problem
    if i enter to folder and start a program in the folder for a sometime
    and i return to home screen
    vwallpaper can’t start again
    my home screen come to black screen
    how to fix ??

  2. Meso says:

    How can I put my own video in my I pod

  3. erich says:

    how to have video wallpaper fill whole screen – at moment only
    playing top left hand corner of screen.

  4. Spidaman says:


    Awesome work! Since iOS 2.x…. I am using this.
    mxTube vids don’t seem to work ‘anymore’. I see them in the list, but they don’t play. Am I doing something wrong or should vWallpaper support them again? Hope you can help. Donation on the way 🙂

  5. Logan says:

    Got an iPhone 4 with latest update, and it crashes everytime I hit the menu button to go to the main screen.

  6. Monkeys says:

    When will there be HD wallpapers for the iPhone 4? I really like this app but it looks too pixellated on the iPhone 4 =(

  7. Marco says:

    If i read an email or sms…and close with Home Button, my Phone crashes and restart in Safe Mode…


  8. Howie says:

    Crashes my spring board help me please i love this app but i cant use it

  9. Marimbondo says:

    iPad vwallpapers besides pizentu’s coming. I can’t get any of his to work. They crash my vwallpaper program. I have the latest cydia too.

  10. meisterdon says:

    where can i download the deb, to my PC. No repo please,thx!!!
    and verry cool job, so cool videos.
    thx for your hard and amazing work.


  11. vin says:

    @@!!!!!oh yeah