Soon…. Sooooon !


For the next major update, vWallpaper 2, i need help.

I need a talented designer, if you are what i looking for, contact me or leave a comment (registered account for email) i will contact you back.


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9 Responses to Soon…. Sooooon !

  1. Good afternoon,

    My name is Joshua Tucker and I’m a staff writer at ModMyi. I was wondering if we could get in contact regarding vWallpaper 2. Feel free to email at the email address or hit me up on Twitter (@sh8kespeare). Thank you for your time.

  2. Ricardo Estrella says:

    Can you make that the ring tone wallpaper can be used as the vWallpaper?? I mean that the wallpaper would be like the vWallpaper and it sounds please for the next version if you can and if it is possible 🙂
    Sorry about my bad English I’m from Ecuador 😛

  3. Saphiresurf says:

    Hey there. I have a website named that probably gets about more than 40 views a day and I was wondering if you wanted me to an introduction to vWallpaper 2.0? It could be a video or text introduction (or even both), but if you would like me to do that I would be glad to. Feel free to send me an email about it.
    Best Regards,

  4. skrew says:

    You should have another hook incompatible with vWallpaper… You have to choose

  5. Decepticon says:

    vWallpaper 1.25 (iOS4) Doesn’t Work

    I just installed vWallpaper from your repository onto my iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3.3. I went into Manage videos, selected electricblue, and then turned on Enable Video. The device resprings, but as soon as I unlock, it immediately resprings and goes into Safe Mode. I can’t get it out of this cycle…

    What is the problem?

    If I can be of any help, ask and I’ll send you diagnostics via e-mail, etc.


  6. phoeneex says:

    Hi there i am Dj, designer, and video maker, living in Hong Kong, I would like to b part of your team, hope to hear from you soon.

  7. Vincent says:

    To Chris Young: the ringtone just go disable it n dat should dat the ringtone off.

    But yeah anyways what kind of designer u looking for bcus I can help u with video backgrounds I got a lot if video background like the ones for PC dream-scenes

  8. Chris Young says:

    The app is awsome. But there is one problem really annoying me.
    The volume icon appears when every call comes in, can you tell me how to remove it?
    please help my perfectionism:P Thank U!

  9. jdogg84able says:

    What kind of designer are you looking for? Digital Artwork, I can do that EASY. If its anything else. I can learn QUICK. Hit me up with details and ill see what i can do. ;P