vWallpaper 2 v0.3 released


– Missing switch on/off for video in Lock screen.
– Respring more fastly.
– iPad compliant.
– Download more videos.
– Few bugs blasted.

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65 Responses to vWallpaper 2 v0.3 released

  1. Dude says:

    Lock screen video is not working after update.. please help..

  2. Fauno says:

    Skrew you know tell us when it comes out the final application?

  3. Fauno says:

    Hello, excuse my English but I am Italian
    I love this application and was looking for a long version 2
    in Italy, unfortunately, is not well known

    a question: Why can not I go to global settings and where can I find the particle editor for vwallpaper2 costumize?

    Skew’re wonderful

  4. Ryan says:

    My alarm doesn’t work if I use a video theme for my lock screen. The snooze button comes on but no sound from my alarm can be heard. The alarm works fine if I turn off the video lock screen and leave on the video for my home screen.

  5. laurene says:

    Bonjour et merci pour votre travail,

    J’ai simplement un leger soucis, effect on icons ne s applique pas correctement sur les icones utilisés mais ils se positionne de façon inversé es ce normal?

  6. laurene says:

    Bonjour ici merci pour votre travail,

    J’ai un léger soucis l’ effect on icons ne se positionne pas correctement sur les icones, que dois je faire?

  7. fabio says:

    Salut les gars,

    C’est le top votre taff, franchement parfait !

    J’ai juste une petite question, où est ce que je peux trouver les feux d’artifices ? car pas moyen de les trouver :/

    Un grand merci d’avance


  8. Todd29 says:

    Hey Skrew,
    Awesome Job on vW2!!!!! How can you get the HTC weather widget on the lock screen?? Or is that even possible??

  9. Ciuci says:

    Problem fix: “beta expired. Please upgrade”
    Open Cydia and update skrew comon and vwallpaper and the message will bee gone ;))

  10. Ciuci says:

    I got the same problem on my vwallpaper2
    It says “beta expired. Please upgrade”
    How to fix this?????????

  11. Stevin says:

    Also like what Hansen said my vwallpaper2 quit working today too, all it had to say was that the beta expired and to upgrade. What needs to be done?

  12. Hansen says:

    Today suddenly my vwallpaper2 stop working
    It says “beta expired. Please upgrade”
    Anyone else experience the same problem with me?

  13. Matt says:

    Ok this is Beta Expect Bugs People. As far as the black screen read the FAQ you have to delete Screwcommon2 also and it will work fine. Ok Skrew here is a new bug. Springtomize is enabled and the icon effect doesn’t work. Works with iconoclasm, shrink and other Springboard altering tweaks. What I did what went to sbsettings and disabled the mobile substrate addins till I found the coulprate. And when perpageHTML+ is enabled it acts as if the spotlight is a page and the icon effect is applied to the next page. So say I have 3 icons on page one and 4 icons on page 2 and 5 icons on page 3. The fire icon effect has fire on 3 icons on page 2 and 4 on page 3 and so on. Anyway really cool tweak but hope u can get it working woth Springtomize alot of people use that tweak it eliminates like 10 individual tweaks. Thanks for your work I will b donating. God Bless!

  14. Hansen says:

    @Charles: I don’t think it’s necessary to use vwallpaper in android. Android already had Live Wallpaper which work similary way to vwallpaper.

    still waiting for final release of vWallpaper 2 😀

  15. romeo8689 says:

    Would also like to add that the video ringtone doesn’t work while the video lockscreen is on, not sure if this is a known issue yet but I hope it’ll work hand in hand for the next update. vWallpaper 2 sure is an awesome springboard tweak in comparison to the original vWallpaper which I still use by the way but only for it’s video ringtone capabilities that I love so much.