vWallpaper 2 v0.4 released


Quick update for adding – so many wanted – background image (no settings yet, just change wallpaper as usual from settings apps).
Not so simple because of format change since 4.2.1 (modders know what i mean).

Bigger update coming

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53 Responses to vWallpaper 2 v0.4 released

  1. Candius Stemmler says:

    Yeah same as Raimonds said what happen??? It all 3rd croons themes stopped come in my iPhone 4. 4.3.5?????? I have wallpaper 1. 2 and also Skrew in my iPhone but no themes thanks

  2. Raimonds says:

    stopped working, what happened help Version 4.3.5 redsnow

  3. skrew says:

    what you don’t understand on word “B-E-T-A” ?