vWallpaper 2 v0.5 & SkrewCommon 2


First, i want to thanks donators. I really appreciate your help.


– You can put widgets behind icons (look in settings, switch on/off “Stay behind icons”)
– You can switch on/off wallpaper.
– Add panorama effect.
– Add Ripple effect (Note: Pictures need to be oversized, otherwise wave effect make black border. Look @ sample pictures provided with vWallpaper2).

Note: This version are not tested on iPad. Please wait for the next update if something are wrong / bad display (resolution / rotation of screen).

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41 Responses to vWallpaper 2 v0.5 & SkrewCommon 2

  1. Raimonds says:

    Helo wery cool app like, how make 3d text with may RAVEN and more??? TNX:)

  2. Nation888 says:

    Skrew please make available for sale, I would like to purchase vwallpaper 2

  3. dude says:

    working quite gud.. after the skrew common 2 was got updated…. thanks…

  4. Terry says:

    Sorry, I meant skrewcommon 2 , hope that will help the vwallpaper 2 not working issue lately!

  5. Terry says:

    Skrewcommon have a update today! Hope that will help!

  6. Shayne says:

    How do I upgrade? I install what’s on cydia and it just says beta version please upgrade

  7. Suevans says:

    Mine stopped working today too. I’m glad to see it’s not just me. Skrew, it was beautiful, please bring it back. Also, not sure what I’m doing wrong but when I put different wallpapers per page it messes with barrel. I think it’s my widget. Can you point me in the right direction please?

  8. Ash says:

    Looks like this beta release has expired. Perhaps Screw did not update the expiry date long enough with the previous release. Don’t really agree with the need for an expiry date at all especially when it’s not openly stated. Just set the date on your iPhone to 3 or 4 days ago, respring then set the date back and you’re good to go.

  9. goodgod says:

    it likely that the developer set a time bomb and yesterday the tweak expire?

  10. Terry says:

    Vwallpaper 2 stop working ! Pls help

  11. Alucard says:

    Too many peopler suddenly have vwallpaper stopped working? Why?

  12. Terry says:

    After my phone run out of battery , I recharge and then it’s go to safe mode, and then I restart again and find out that VWALLPAPER2 it’s not working anymore! Pls help…. I love this app so much!

  13. dude says:

    lock screen wall paper stopped working… what to do? please help…

  14. Raimonds says:

    stopped working,vwallpaper 2 what happened help Version 4.3.5 redsnow

  15. Alucard says:

    Me too. Vwallpaper suddenly stopped working, nothing happened. I did try remove then reinstall but still did not work.

  16. Leon says:

    Today It does not work , iphone4 ios4.3.3 , i have try re-setup vwallpaper, same problem

  17. eric says:

    after the update, the lock screen animation wallpaper stopped working

  18. skrew says:

    @goodgod @hansen: You just need 1 picture (depend if you want to put a retina picture or not)
    Retina = name@2x.xxx
    No retina: name.xxx
    Oversize are recommended (if you don’t oversize the picture, you will see black hole in screen border)

  19. goodgod says:

    same question as Hansen… I put a different picture but the exact same size as the stock one but the top half off screen is cut off…

  20. Hansen says:

    Hello, the ripple effect is greattt!!
    I love it.
    Anyway, must I edit the picture into 2 picture (one with smaller resolution and bigger resolution such as the sample), or can I only use 1 picture (bigger resolution). Is the resolution fixed (must be the same resolution as the sample picture) or is it fine as long as it is oversized?
    Thanks a lot

  21. Brain Splatter says:

    Hey man,
    Thanks for all the work on vwallpaper2, big step up from the first 1, even considering that i’ve just started using it the in the last coupla weeks (Just got a net IP4), JB’d it myself. Questioning if i could get a list of the conflicting tweaks that are available for ios 4.3.3. I added a bunch of sh*t n kinda keep ending up in safe mode quite often.

  22. Raimonds says:

    vWallpaper 2 options if you can add sound effects, or is it possible???

  23. Alucard says:

    One more critical bug: everything does not work when ipod is playing music! Please fix this bug first.

  24. Alucard says:

    Another serious bug (sorry for my bad Eng): When use turn on and off some settings in vwallpaper2, then respring, the iphone use too much CPU (about 25%), you can use System monitor on appstore to check this. You have to put iphone to Safe Mode, then restart in order to make it work normal.

  25. Bilawal says:

    Hay can u help me plz vwallpaper 2 won’t start on my iPod touch 2g plz

  26. Alucard says:

    Hey, skrew. the icon effects and analog clock use too much CPU. You should put a warning for users.

  27. Azmat says:

    About the lock screen? It should hv animation while locked aswell..

  28. Ian says:

    Please post more music videos for uss!!!!!!! Thanks

  29. TWolf says:

    Loved the new features, still cant get wallpaper working, but who needs it anymore? lol

    One ideia, 3d goldfish that follows your finger…

  30. Daniel Longo says:

    In my opinion, vWallpaper is the best app to customize Springboard wallpaper. I loved “ripple effect”. I have sugestions to improve vWallpaper experience:
    1. Put “ripple effect” In lockscreen too. In fact, if all the effects could be In lock screen, The app would be perfect;
    2. The possibility of mixing Wallpaper image and Wallpaper video;
    3. The possibility of mixing Wallpaper video and ripple effect.

    Thanks for creating this great app,

    Daniel Longo.

  31. TheEngineer says:

    One minor bug: WebView interactive (touch) works but is always scrollable regardless of “Can scroll/zoom” setting.

    iPhone 3Gs
    Firmware 4.0.1

  32. 5t1cky says:

    I have a major bug (for me)!!! When video lockscreen is enabled my alarm has no audio. That’s a bad deal for me because I count on my phone to alert and wake me in the morning. Guess how I found this glitch?!? 🙂 I hope you can fix this one because I love the new vwallpaper. I’ve been a big fan for a long time but this is a major step forward.

  33. sin says:

    I can’t get my iphone 4 on 4.3.3 to work with your program. It keeps going to safe mode. any clues on how to get this to work? I have 3dboard installed and htc animate as well, dont know if those 2 cause issues as well.

  34. Tj82688 says:

    Not havin any minor problems, but any way to change the city the the htc weather widget?

  35. Bilawal says:

    When I downloaded it I tried to start it up but it won’t work I have an iPod touch 2g tuning on firmware 4.2.1 and it has 32gb please help me and I appreciate all the hard work thx

  36. bro says:

    the autolock is still not working when installing this apps in 4.3.3..i hope that you can fix this..BTW i appreciate your hard work!

  37. Homero says:

    Hi, i want to report a problem, the vwallpaper wont show the wallpaper if you are listening music in the phone or if you are connected to a car audio system via Cable or via bluetooth. Thanks.

  38. Dilip says:

    @skrew: Thanq For ur suggestion. Can we overcome this problem with the help of music controls pro. ’cause with the help of it we can even play ipod videos in the background also means when we exit ipod it sill plays the video song we can hear the song but of course we can’t see it. Otherwise please find me a solution if possible with u. Once again tx for the great app. Reply me soon.

  39. Prplaya42 says:

    When opening facebook Or what ever. It ether freezes or goes black

  40. skrew says:

    @Dilip: don’t post your comment on every posts ! Thanks.

    video / music can’t be played in the same time. It’s not my code who stop video or music but the OS.

    I don’t know if we can override this, BTW vwallpaper stop playing video when ipod play song, otherwise ipod stop playing when you return on springboard.

  41. Dilip says:

    Hi Thx for the greatest of great apps i really loved it but i have a problem with it. That is when i start playing music it stops working and even if i open vwallpaper while listening to music then music stops and if i start the ipod after exiting the vwallpaper then the background video wallpaper stops playing. ‘m using iphone 3GS ios 4.3.3 Unlocked by the provider and i JB’ed it. so, please help me out by the way ‘m using vWallpaper V1.25(ios4). Do i need to upgrade it to rectify this problem. Please give me any suggestions or solution