Little update for SkrewCommon (yes it’s already released!)


Yes, i forgot to change the expiration date of this beta.
Why i put an expiration date ? Because many people don’t update and complain with old bugs.

Sorry for this “bug”.
The update are already released, download it on cydia, stop telling please, just update !!! (and read, seriousely, read !!!!)

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8 Responses to Little update for SkrewCommon (yes it’s already released!)

  1. J-Mello says:

    I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this but whenever I have the lockscreen vwallpaper on it causes my BiteSMS ringtone to not work and my timer on the native clock app. Whenever the iPhone is in sleep mode it kills the audio. I downloaded a timer app in the app store and it worked fine. The native message app works fine too. Something to do with BiteSMS I guess.

  2. Jay says:

    Will later updates support landscape mode iPad users feel left out thanks for your hard work I will donate on behalf of landscape support and you hard work

  3. Garza22 says:

    How can o download more vringtone for these app and like the way it work no problems yet thanks…..

  4. Hansen says:

    @leon: it is common bug that already occurred from the earlier version of vwallpaper2. We should just wait Skrew to fix it.

  5. Leon says:

    Hi, Skrew
    Thanks for your update. I got a new bug, I update new version vwallpaper2, Iphone4 does not automatically lock the screen on the springboard. In the cydia Iphone4 can lock the screen.

    Thanks, Leon

  6. bro says:

    so is this problem is resolve?or we just wait for new version?thanks 4 your hardwork..i understand that your work takes time

  7. farmski says:

    Hi skrew

    is there any way to manually overide/Bypass this? or is it all hard coded?

    other than changing the calender date!!

    looking forward to your update soon!! many thanks

  8. Bae gihyun says:

    I would like to continue to pay welpeyipeoreul to tell
    I do not know.