vWallpaper 2 v0.6 & SkrewCommon 2


– Add picture mask, but not only for videos, you can use it for others effects too.

I will provide a tuto soon for creating repository

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34 Responses to vWallpaper 2 v0.6 & SkrewCommon 2

  1. Tai says:

    Yea!!!! The latest update 0.0.7-5 fixes the auto-lock issue! A+++ and Happy Halloweeeeeen!

  2. red says:

    How can i downlode it??


  3. Hansen says:

    Gonna wait for ios 5 compatibility.
    Maybe video for notification centre too?
    That would be awesome!!

  4. Jack says:

    Springboard Will stay in safe mode until both vwallpaper is uninstalled unfortenately.
    An update is nescessary so That vwallpaper can work on iOS-5.

    My screen is kind of boring now without vwallpaper.

  5. Jack says:

    Proud user of vwallpaper, but since the update to iOS-5 springboard stays in safe mode until I uninstall vwallpaper.
    I Tried vwallpaper and vwallpaper 2, but both no succes.
    Vwallpaper installs properly, but isn’t able to launch.
    Vwallpaper 2 installs properly, and can be launched

  6. Amber says:

    R u going to make an update for ios5

  7. Stephanie says:

    Attempting to add your repository to my jailbroken iPod Touch. I jailbroke it with spirit, and cydia installed fine but I am unable to get i.danstaface.net to show anything and I want to use vWallpaper to add the motion wallpapers to my background…any ideas why? Thank you for your time!

  8. dhankster says:

    Awsome work skrew, works fine on ipad 2, i have a couple of questions , what size does the picture need to be to fill the ipad screen on ripple effect, as it stands its only 1/4 of the screen (iphone size).
    I’ve tried several resolutions and yet its still the same.
    And on 3d rotate mode is possible to change the text, dont get me wrong long live the skrew, but it would be nice if i could change it, thanks for all your effort putting this together, blown away by all the features, keep up the good work tia.

  9. Matt says:

    I actually learned how to make my own video backgrounds for vWallpaper 2 by pasting them in the respository after I opened the SSH on my itouch. Since upgrading to 5, I can no longer use vWallpaper2. Is there going to be an upgrade anytime soon for the release of the new ios? It would be really awesome because I love that app!! Thanks!!

  10. steve says:

    how can i get this version? coz i install is beta version 🙁

  11. Robo says:

    Against recommendations, I installed vWallpaper 2 v0.6 on my iOS 5 equipped iPhone 4. I can open it, but any adjustments I make throw it into “Safe Mode”. If I can work a retrograde (iOS 5 to iOS 4.x), I will very happy, vWallpaper has been an excellent product when used by the instructions…

  12. ozZkArUsHoO says:

    How enable for iOS 5 ? ? ?… I´m used on iOS 4.3.3 and it´s great

  13. Oskr says:

    Hello!!! Nice app!! Thanks and congrats, i just wonder where can i find the Videotones option???? thanks

  14. luther says:

    vWallpaper 2 v0.6 & SkrewCommon 2 | Skrew’s stuffs for JB iPhone’s … v good appl

  15. Hansen says:

    Is it work on ios 5?

  16. S m says:

    It doesent work at all for me

  17. Tier says:


  18. zoopmitty says:

    i can’t stop using this on my iOS device. thank youuuu. is there a way/place i can get the wallpapers to use on vwallpaper2 rippleEffects for the iPad? i can see that when i activate it the picture that comes with it are for iPhone/ipod so when i use it on my iPad it only shows in one corner. also i can see that the ripple effect works when you touch outside of the smaller pic because i can see the ripple reaching to the picture… so i just need a wallpaper to cover up the whole screen since the background not being covered by the supplied wallpaper doesn’t show the effect. thank you in advance

  19. Luis says:

    Can it be possible to make a mj dunking vwallpaper

  20. Tai says:

    This is an awesome looking app. And it’s features work perfectly for me. But they do impair other functions on my iPhone4 iOS 4.3.2

    Obviously Skrew is aware of of the Autolock and Alarm issues.

    With regard to the the Autolock issue:
    1. Oddly, Autolock will work if you’re in an app that allows autolock like iPhone’s native Messaging or the Email apps.
    2. It only seems to be a problem when using VIDEOs on the springboard. None of the other cool effects like Skyrocket, Magic fingers and 3D Rotate will cause Autolock to fail.
    3. Sooo, for now a workaround is, simply use vWallpaper version 1 for Videos and use vWallpaper2 for all the other cool effects. Hopefully Skrew will be able to fix the Autolock problem in the future.

    One thing I’ve discovered about Lockscreen videos preventing iPhone’s native alarm from working; it doesn’t stop the alarm in Alarm Clock Pro (a 3rd party app) from making sound. Very cool…

  21. Raimonds says:

    How enable for IOS 5????

  22. Perry. L says:

    Really, “Thank you very much” for your “generous answer / reply”

    Apart from it, vWallpaper2 for iOS4/arm7 stopped functioning on springboard.
    It works just on lockscreen.
    It was functioning for (just) an Hour.

    It occurred right after changing vWallpaper video.
    try’d out everything, includes:
    Remove & Reinstall (And yeh, from your repo: deb.danstaface.net)
    of both SkreCommon 2 for iOS4 & vWallpaper2 for iOS4/arm7

    Perry. L

  23. Even i dont no who to download says:

    Even i dont no who to download

  24. taeny says:

    when enable video on lockscreen,the video ringtone not work!

  25. hany says:

    after update vwallpaper 2 is not workin (4.3.5)

  26. is a very godd page for a movene back to ipod lockscream

  27. skrew says:

    respring or reboot… make sure you installed from my repo

  28. Japapino155 says:

    I just updated today the vwallpaper2. And now no features work. My background video, icon effects was working last night. But it shut off earlier and said i ran out of beta? I updated it and now nothings happening. Could you help? Thanks

  29. Fernan says:

    Alarm don’t work went I use lock screen video

  30. JZ says:

    sorry i found u answering this question in previous post. pls delete my question and thx

  31. JZ says:


    the vwallpaper is really cool!
    but I got a problem: the wallpaper doesnt work while I am listening to music with ipod, how can I fix it?


  32. Perry. L says:

    Thanks for A great looking Tweak!
    I’m an old user of vWallpaper and a donor.
    i’d like to ask:
    1) when will vWallpaper widely spread the Video Background on Lockscreen landscape mode?

    2) Is it expected that vWallpaper2 will support iphone Auto Lock just like vWallpaper first version?

    3) Why vWallpaper2 doesn’t support iphone Auto Lock?

    3) what is your twitter user name / address? I couldn’t find you.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Perry L
    iphone 4 iOS 4.3.3
    ( -.- )
    ( > <)

  33. skrew says:

    Always use my repo, your maybe out of date.

  34. Eric montero says:

    Hey i have i little problem i have iphone 3G IOS 4.1 and i download and add it from repo.insanelyi.com the vWallpaper and everything goes well but i started to used the program and nothing happens. Why ??