Update of SkrewCommon


Little update of SkrewCommon for the problem reported about some effects don’t works anymore when enabled together.

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16 Responses to Update of SkrewCommon

  1. My ph is fine, I like this app cz of is free ! Thz so much!

  2. Banana says:

    When uninstall the app, the video wallpaper still work, and when I reinstall it, the old one still running even if I disable video wallpaper option. And one more thing, I can’t turn it off to back to the original wallpaper, pls fix this

  3. Raimonds says:

    hi any this update not work Effect on icons 🙁 how fix this bug???
    anyway crash with safe mode 🙁

  4. MrV says:

    it’s working on iOS 5 ?

  5. Torrino Conner says:

    I tried to use max tube to down load video ring tone and it doesn’t work why

  6. Loganh06 says:

    I guess there’s still no update for ios 5 or 5.0.1?

    Eta? I love this vwallpaper. Definitely differentiates my phone from others.

  7. hong says:

    erm i wan to ask where to upgrade the vwallpaper2 v0.6 to v0.7 coz i expire d

  8. Torrino Conner says:

    When I try to down load max tube video it does not play the video when I get phone call’s why is that

  9. Dan says:

    iPhone 3GS. Ios 5.0.0 (JB is unteathered-have old bootrom). Loved the old version for ios 4. Just installing the current beta (2 v0.7 + SkrewCommon2) turns the home wallpaper to black, using it dumps me into safe mode. Respring/reboot no help. Only uninstalling gets me back to normal. Have: Folder Enhancer, Five Icon Dock, ManualCorrect, MobileTerminal, Winterboard, Cyntact, MyWi 5.0, pkgbackup, MarkThatMessage, SBSettings, SBAdblock and AdBlocker. Any know conflicts? Look forward to next update. Would buy it as an app.

  10. P@trick says:

    Good afternoon, i have an iphone 4 iOs 4.2.1 i have installed skrewcommon and vWallpaper, i reboot my device, also i did a respring, but vWallpaper don’t work. I don’t know why ? Little information, if i change icons transparency this works, so why video don’t works ? Thank’s very much for your help because this tweak is great and i want it on my device working.

  11. Jason lewis says:

    My phone works fine. Always has even with my own animations that are 70-100mb. Thanks guys for a top FREE app.

  12. P@trick says:

    Bsr j’ai un iphone 4 ios 4.2.1 j’ai installé skrewcommon et vwallpaper. J’ai rebooté mon appareil, j’ai fait aussi un respring, je n’arrive pas à faire fonctionner vwallpaper. Je ne sais pas pourquoi. Petite info si je change la transparence des icones ça fonctionne alors pourquoi pas la vidéo ? Merci de votre aise car ce tweak est génial vraiment.

  13. Robbie says:

    Can you guys please fix the issue with the alarm not sounding once lockscreen video/wallpaper is enabled

  14. Bassam mufti says:

    My i phone it safe mode

  15. sonny says:

    I just updated it tonight then after, installed it but unfortunately still not working at all once again..iphone4