vWallpaper 0.9 released

– You can now add your own repository for videos download. Get http://i.danstaface.net/site/listvideos.plist for structure example. Put your repository on forum(s).

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3 Responses to vWallpaper 0.9 released

  1. djreign777@yahoo.com says:

    hey there im a dj and I do videos and i have 700 gigs of videos how can i add them to your list to use them as video ring tones

  2. BRETTWOLF says:

    I am using an iphone 1.1.3 jailbroken to 1.1.4

    I install skrew, reboot, install vwallpaper, reboot.

    I turn off all summerboard switches, and press the vwallpaper icon.

    I select a video ie, fire

    and reset the springboard.

    It just goes back to the springboard, no video

    Am I doing something wrong?

  3. zivilipirati says:
    New layer…