vWallpaper 2 for iOS5 released


As promise, and after a lot of hours beating with iOS5, it’s here.
There are a lot of changes and some things need to be fixed i think.

vWallpaper 2 for iOS5 don’t need skrewcommon anymore, so don’t look for package.

Edit: The dev of FolderEnhancer contacted me, stay tuned.

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102 Responses to vWallpaper 2 for iOS5 released

  1. Soreck Tsvi says:

    Please advise how do I download vWallpaper
    To my iPad so I can mount as a screen saver?
    Thank you,

  2. Drum92 says:

    Hi Guy. You’ve made a very good job !
    I have a question regarding the 3D text animation on the springboard… How you do it ? What’s the name of the 3D app That you use ? And how to include it on the springboard and lockscreen ?

    Thanks a lot for everythings.

  3. Luis Perez says:

    How do i delete some of background video???

  4. FrankBlack says:

    Where is the vW2 for 3GS – iOS5 love?

  5. SHA-TING says:

    Absolutey superb tweak!!!!!
    This is exactly what I was looking for, show this to all my friends and work colleague’s, and Their jaw’s drop!!!

    Just two little glitches, the alarm clock does not work when you have the video on the lock screen,
    And you some times lose it on the desc top after exeting an app or the msg center, but I’m sure there will be updates soon

  6. J says:

    How do you change time on htc weather to 24hr clock.

  7. Namsu says:

    Phone goes to sleep during phone call. Removed vwallpaper 2, all back to normal.

  8. Ralle says:

    Does Not work probably with Folder Enhancer from cydia :-((

  9. J says:

    How do you find out what to enter so I can have weather shown for tallahassee, Florida. 32309?

  10. yesEmrys says:

    Hi, I hope next version bring “transparent icon” like vWallpaper for iOS4. ๐Ÿ˜€

    BTW, “FolderEnhancer” also works with “ScrollingBoard” not well for iOS 5.0.1. (dock crash)

  11. solracrac says:

    i found bug in wallpaper 2

    Crash with FolderEnhancer (desktop empty) not working and move the sprinboard

    other things there arenยดt preview of wallpapers before install, i like that it has preview as vwallpaper 1.


  12. iLauncher says:

    I think i found another bug….its with Siri0us.
    After installing vwallpaper 2, when i tap on the mic button in the keyboard, the dictation screen comes up for a sec and then automatically disappears and goes back to the keyboard.
    this happens for any app where the keyboard can be pulled up.
    hope this is fixed too.
    thanx, in advance.

  13. SMA says:

    can you explain how i can change the city of HTCWeather?(completely)
    I have read the FAQ but I still cant change the city.
    Thanx a lot

  14. skrew says:

    maybe a problem with uninstall, you have to disable zRingtonesHook via sbsettings or delete the files. or install skrewcommon for ios4 and uninstall it

  15. Jay says:

    Plz say sometinhg about the black wallpapers after uninstall the vwallpaper.

  16. 3lacksky says:

    Thx I waited Long for this tweak, but if i Open a Folder with folderenhancer and close ist then all icons are away i think thats a Bug of vWallpaper 2. But thanks for the Great Work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Michael says:

    I have a web page loaded on my second page on my iPhone and I was gonna let you know every time I try to comment or type something in the “typing field” the keyboard goes all the way up.

    I thank you for this badass feature for all of us. Keep up the good work

  18. Thomas says:

    I have been using this tweak virtually since it came out and it worked awesome on iOS 4.3.3… love it.

    recently JB iOS 5.0.1 but I can’t get the iOS 5 version to install. I am running the previous iOS 4 version and it still runs well.

    Do i Have to uninstall it before i reinstall iOS 5 version ?

  19. Toufik says:

    Hi what about video ringtone???

  20. Mehdi says:

    Hi, in 1,24 version for ios4 The app shows blackscreen instead of The video when a song is played. Although good app. If u could fix that very problem it would be great

  21. trueon says:

    Tryed installing this tweak today, download crashes with bugs and errors in red text which fails to install , any advice would be great full .

  22. Cristia C. says:

    HI, great App!!!

    I thank u so much for your wonderful work.

    Found a bug:
    When i make a phonecall, i speak, (the screen goes black), and when i finish and i leave the iphone far from the ear its display won’t switch on to let me finish the call. I’ve to wait that the other people calling switch off the call first. QUITE ANNOYING.

    Anyway, I THANK U. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Dalce says:

    Clock alarm and during a call bug.
    Alarm just vibrates and black screen during a call.
    Still it’s a good start. Great work.

  24. yesEmrys says:

    I found some bugs: (iOS 5.0.1)

    1. Screen light will be dim forever (when in a call)
    2. Crash with FolderEnhancer (desktop empty)

  25. Mr. Aemo says:

    This is a great app!!
    Other that the Proximity sensor problem & the clock alarm problem,,,
    i wish i have the option to delete the video that i download from the vwallpaper!!

  26. Steve says:

    I downloaded vWallpaper2 for my iPod touch 4g ios5 and it works great. Very nice app. However it won’t run on my wife’s iPod. I tried redownloading it and reinstalling it and every time her iPod just goes into safe mode until I uninstall it. She has the newer white iPod but they are the same- 4g iPods both runnin ios5. Any known issues? Or is this just a weird fluke?


  27. Dave says:

    Hi, great app but found another bug.
    With background video on if I’m watching a video or bbc I player or you tube the phone goes into standby after the auto lock period.
    Yet turn of background video and the phone stays on whilst watching a video. Autolock still works as it should thou .

  28. Jon says:

    Same as the others … Issue with proximity sensor – screen goes black during a call but doesn’t come back on when taken away from your face. Turning the ‘video’ option ‘off’ fixes the problem without uninstalling the app. Also, pressing the Home button brings the screen back but not ideal. Great app tho!

  29. elnorie says:

    Great app, thank you for your hard work! Working on Iphone 4 16gb ios 5.0.1, but I found a bug with the alarm when the video wallpaper is active.
    thanks skrew

  30. Stephen Lui says:

    Found a bug of the vwallpaper 2 for ios5

    When i make a phone call, the proximity sensor works when phone is close to the ear, but the screen won’t turn back on although i brought away from ear. It cause inconvenient.

    Please help to fix it in the future release. Thank you very much~~~

  31. Jamon says:


    I’ve experienced that the lockscreen vwallpaper mute the alarm!!! The pop up appears but there’s no sound at all…With the springboard one no problem

    I’ve tested with four iPhone 4… What’s the problem?

    Thanks a million


  32. Ahmed says:

    I try iOS 5 installer on is crash! Please update I have already pay it look waste you don’t trouble okay should know new year 2012 okay!

  33. dewi says:

    I want to make many beautiful magic fingers effect.
    How can i make it?? please give me answer.

  34. C says:

    Found a bug or perhaps it is just my phone.
    When using video lock screen and making a phone call, the proximity sensor only works when phone is brought to the ear, but doesn’t work when phone is brought away from ear. i.e. the screen won’t turn back on.

  35. acido says:

    The proximity sensor bug.
    pls when fixed can you notify? great app btw, really cool.

  36. HappiPhone says:

    Has anyone else reported the proximity sensor not working? Love this tweak btw.

  37. NoUseFor says:

    tryed your app and found out the following problems:
    – sometimes the dashboard (lower part of the screen) disappears
    – during a phone call the screen goes black (that’s normal), but the only way to access the phone is to push the home button

    BTW: great app! Nicely done!

  38. Olivier says:

    Installed and… deinstalled. The previous version for IOS 4 is much more stable on my iPhone 4 IOS 5.0.1… F.i. : the IOS 5 version of vWallpaper is not compatible with FolderEnhancer : once a folder is opened, and then closed, the iPhone screen becomes totally unresponsive (lateral scrolling, icones,…). This new IOS 5 version is also much more jerky whatever the animation chosen. Thanks for the great work, but still a lot of bugs to correct before final version…

  39. joseph tan says:

    Pal, I will make a donation to you cause this is the greatest tweak I ever want.

    Btw pls look into the issue being highlighted here. FolderEnhancer is one of my main concern.

    Thank you once again and have a nice day.


  40. Asad says:

    Can I make it towards where I can several wallpapers and vWallpaper2 changes them after a given time period like in Windows 7?
    Thank you

  41. Mr. Aemo says:

    I found a bug with the proximity sensor when the video wallpaper is active.

    When you have the phone in your ear the screen goes black as expected but when you get it out of your ear, the screen remains black. Turning off the video wallpaper fixes it.

    Also when the video wallpaper for the lock screen is on, the alarm sound doesn’t come out!! Only vibrate once.

  42. lex says:

    Great app, thank you for your hard work! Working perfectly on Iphone 4 32gb ios 5.0.1.

    Does anyone have a tip on a free program to convert videos into the correct resolution? The main prob is the aspect ratio of 1.5 : 1, searching for hours and can`t find anything that gets me rid of black bars in the vid

  43. Vtrnjlbrkr says:

    Hey, constant springboard crash. Using untethered iOS 5.0.1 iPhone 4 8g new build. Anyone else. Went through and removed almost all my tweaks and it still crashed.

  44. Koppis says:

    When I got calls the phone would only vibrate once instead of going on. Uninstalling vWallpaper 2 fixed it. iOS 5.0.1 iPhone 4

  45. dewi says:

    how i can get more magic fingers effect or make the plist?

  46. Dave says:

    Hi, great app few quirks but my one question is how do I delete some of the background video?


  47. Jake Z says:

    I haven’t had any problems with it. It was the first thing I installed when I rejailbroke to iOS 5 untethered. thanks skrew

  48. Me says:

    Still lots of bugs!!

  49. Bill says:

    Thanks skrew! I loved vwallpaper on ios4. Had a couple issues with 5.0.1. When closing an app the phone will freeze occasionally. Sometimes for a minute or two. If it takes longer I just reset the phone. I’ve also had it freeze after entering password on the lock screen. Uninstalled for now and everything is back to normal. I’ll keep checking for updates.

  50. Asad says: