Bug fixes release for vWallpaper 2 / iOS5


New version with bug fixes (i hope):

– Bug with proximity sensor while call.
– Bug with FolderEnhancer (and others situations i think) (thanks to ashikase for the test version).
– Alarms works when you put a video on lock screen (i have not tested with other situations).

Remember, you cannot play video & sound/music in the same time so don’t complain about video paused while you listening music, it’s not a bug!

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62 Responses to Bug fixes release for vWallpaper 2 / iOS5

  1. Donathan says:

    **Running iOS 5.0.1 Absenthe JB on an iPhone 4s**
    I tried installing it on my phone and can’t get past the lock screen. It just freezes up and goes into safe mode. I tried un-istalling winter board and reinstalling vWallpaper 2 after reading some other peoples comments but it’s still a no go. Please help me out, anyone 🙁

  2. Chai says:

    I love vwallpaper.
    But after install springboard crash,
    It dose not work in my iphone4.
    Please fix it.

    iphone4 16G ios5

  3. Joe says:

    Working well on iPhone 4s.

    No issue at all. I respring/reboot to confirm working 100%.

    Love u skrew! 2 thumbs up……

  4. Erich says:

    Hi, in my iPhone 4 Worked fine, got 4s iPhone crashes after installed and when a tried to leave the lockscreen

  5. Jmr4791 says:

    Doesn’t seem to want to work while winterboard is installed.

  6. viet says:

    if you want to use wallpaper when you disabled video in vwallpaper , you need enable wallpaper in vwallpaper

  7. Short says:

    With no video enabled my springboard is showing a black screen and won’t let me change wallpapers tried rebooting and respeinging

  8. Jmr4791 says:

    Seems to conflict with winter board. My phone just keeps respringing when both are installed. Is there a fix for this?

  9. OutSpoken says:

    (Bug) I have an iPhone4 on ios 5, I’m using skyrocket only, but sometimes when i open an app or safari browser and exit out to springboard, skyrocket wallpaper freezes/hangs until my phone goes to the lockscreen.

    FWIW I have Zephyr, Wraparound, FolderEnhancer, iconoclasm and winterboard installed.

  10. John says:

    I have turned on wallpaper in vwall, but it still only shows a black screen.

  11. lwglwsss says:

    The vwallpaper 2 icon is not HD

  12. allonzo says:

    vwallpaper is best app what i ever saw in last years,without video rings i cant imagine my phones anymore,Thanks to evryone who create it,BuT!
    I use my phone in car with Jabra handsfree,when i receive call my phone cant stop vibrating,when i answer call virbate dont stop too,only need restart iphone to stop this.Fix this bug if it possible,thanks…