Bug fixes release for vWallpaper 2 / iOS5


New version with bug fixes (i hope):

– Bug with proximity sensor while call.
– Bug with FolderEnhancer (and others situations i think) (thanks to ashikase for the test version).
– Alarms works when you put a video on lock screen (i have not tested with other situations).

Remember, you cannot play video & sound/music in the same time so don’t complain about video paused while you listening music, it’s not a bug!

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62 Responses to Bug fixes release for vWallpaper 2 / iOS5

  1. Cyriaque says:

    To play music on the springboard you have to use a video with no audio channel so no audio at all so you can use to play whatever you like on your phone, however I have a request, I want to have a way to display the HTC weather widget on the middle of the screen when I rotate the springboard without loosing it normal state. Thx if you do so

  2. Dean says:

    Hey mate i was just wondering if u can still fade the icons like in previous version of vwallpapers have a iphone 4s carnt wait for the jailbreak. First thing im downloading is vwallpapers!!! Love your work keep it up :)))))

  3. nick says:

    my yahoo email doesnt push since installing vwallpaper, only after a respring does it come through. my mail set to fetch comes in as scheduled

  4. Jacob says:

    Nevermind restarted my phone and no longer have this problem

  5. Jacob says:

    Found another bug. No sound when I record videos with my camera. Even if I turn off the video wallpaper and record I am still not getting any sound. All videos I have recorded before I installed still have sound when played.

  6. zoopmitty says:

    *update* for anyone else having the same problem as me with the picture not being centered for RIPPLE EFFECT.

    so far the easiest way for me to get a pictured centered was to change the background of the picture to BLACK. that way you can’t see the border when it ripples.. quick and easy..

    i’m pretty sure this will get addressed soon enough since its still in BETA STAGES

    once again SKREW great tweak. thanks for your hard work

  7. Outspoken says:

    Great tweak Skrew, however i think ive stumbled upon a bug. I have folderenhancer and iconoclasm installed. When i open any of my folders and close out of it, vwallpaper2 appears to crash the springboard, im unable to press any icons, it seems the animated wallpaper is overlaying the icons (using skyrocket and magic fingers) a bit of a battery hog too… I guess to be expected, but would be nice if you managed to do something about it.

  8. Chris says:

    I love the tweek! It worked great when I re-downloaded after update to 5.0.1. I had to do a restore for some other reason soon after and now when I install vWallpaper 2, springboard crashes after unlocking screen. Is there something i am doing wrong? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  9. AgenteXIII says:

    thanks for the great work

  10. Nick says:

    Seems since installing vwallpaper 2 the native YouTube app is loading vids much slower

    . Takes long to buffer on wifi. And on 3G video almost never plays without buffering every 10 seconds

  11. Nick says:

    Hi :]
    thanks for this awsome tweak
    but i still have the problem with alarm not making sound/vibrating
    and i have the newest version 0.0.8
    i have a iphone 3gs on 5.0.1

    also something (when i delete an app i also get a bug that some default cydia tweeks show on my springboard) and then sometimes i cannot move a page (like its frozen)
    but i still can open notification center and sbsettings etc 🙂

    would be nice if you have a look into this

  12. Iamevl says:

    Dunno if it’s just me but when I use tree underwater.mp4 video it runs and then flashes black as it starts again instead of having a smooth loop like the rest

  13. scooter says:

    app looks awesome but everytime i download it fone resprings and goes into safe mode uninstall it and fone is fine i have a 3gs on 5.0.1 plz help i really want this app

  14. Andre Robinson says:

    When ever I put my phone sleep when there’s an app open on my screen then unlock it then close the app my dock dissapears from my springboard that’s my issu

  15. Dennis says:

    When I add the link in the sources, it freezes and shuts down and says you to go back to Cydia. Then of I even try to install vwallpaper 2 dor iOS 5 and asks me te restart the Springboard, my iPod touch 4 goes into safe mode. Why is this happening?

  16. Jacob says:

    Nevermind I figured it out

  17. Jacob says:

    Can I add my own videos from camera roll through ifile?

  18. NoUseForA says:

    i think i found a little bug.
    while playing music with the iphone(4). If the iphone is in the standby mode, by double pushing the home button on the upper part of the screen the ipod control appears. The background of the screen represents the plying tune (everything fine so long).
    If i try to skip songs (>>) a couple of times, the background turns to the animated one and music stops. It happens after one skip, two..or more…the number of “skip” is not definible.

    Thanks again for the tweek


  19. Ed.B says:

    Hi skew faithful fan and contributed again. 😉 any chance of word on the comparability issue w/ deepend or 3dboard? Also how do I set my own pic for the ripple effect? Thanks again for your hard work & worthy efforts!

  20. Jacob says:

    Thanks zoopmitty

  21. Alexander says:

    Awesome! This is a total must! However the oh problem I have is the abOvementioned lack of vibration with incomming calls : the phone vibrates once and no more. Shall we expect a fix to that?

  22. Jun says:

    Hi there,

    First of all, appreciate what you have done and put into, i love this tweak.

    However i find some bug, or is not a bug anyway.
    When i use WeeKillBackground for notification center, sometimes the dock is disappear, i have to lock the device and unlock it to make it appear.

    Another issue, is that sometimes the status is missing which i do not know trigger that. You might have to look into that

    Anyway, until now no complain, best cydia tweak ever.

  23. guzzy92fs says:

    Thanks for the hardworking in having a new release for the vwallpaper app!! The sensor issue is now fixed!

    I found 3 bugs on the new release while using the video wallpaper.

    1- Application icons can’t be dragged when the phone is locked out, folders works great but.

    2- After the phone is locked out, sometimes the screen is unresponsible (Icons area only) icons on the dock work great.

    3- High amount of memory consumption. The app sometimes sucks over 100mb of memory while running, needs to free it up with sbsettings.

    Hope it helps, once again thanks for this app!

  24. joe says:

    Is anyone facing e same this problem? With vwallpaper running, whenever I close iphone music app my phone will hang.

    Pls advice

  25. zoopmitty says:

    to JACOB>> if you have IFILE ($4 with a free trial from cydia) installed on your device you should be able to delete videos off of your device…. just open up ifile on your phone and head to…


    in there you should see all videos. *NOTE* on my phone i have a jpg of all videos that is available even the ones i haven’t downloaded. and the videos that i have downloaded will have a matching name of the jpg but the file will be mp4… example wave.jpg and wave.mp4. i don’t know why its that way but i recommend just deleting the video that you don’t want

    to delete a video just swipe across the one you want to delete and it’ll give you the option to delete…

  26. zoopmitty says:

    to skrew>> are you aware of this bug? it is definitely not a deal breaker but it is a bit annoying. I just don’t know if i’m the only one having this problem or what. pretty sure your awesomeness will get around to it if its a bug…lol keep up the great work. cheers

  27. zoopmitty says:

    to Johnny>> thanks a lot. any help is greatly appreciated

  28. Johnny says:

    I’m sorry I misunderstood your question, I completely missed the ripple effect. I’ll see if I can help you out though.

  29. Jacob says:

    Is there anyway to delete videos without ssh? I do not have a working computer at this time and I would like to get rid of some videos I dont use. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling but the videos were still there.

  30. zoopmitty says:

    nope still no go with the centering of the picture for the ripple effect.. so far here is what i noticed.
    1) the correct size for the picture is (from what i gather) 320X480 and i’ve used these different sizes 160X240, 640X960, and 1280X1920. they all show borders on the right and top as it ripples
    2) i remember reading somewhere on here that skrew said to make the picture a bit larger so that you don’t get the borders and i’m thinking thats why the sample pictures are 425X512
    3) if you use a picture of sky or space (like the sample pictures that come with ripple effect) it doesn’t matter as much since there isn’t a central point of a picture and when it ripples you don’t see borders at 425X512.
    4) if you use a centered picture like that of an apple logo and use 425X512 the picture is shifted to the right… you won’t get borders but the picture is not centered
    5)the borders only show on the right and/or top and never on left or bottom so that leave me to believe that the picture is somehow anchored bit off to the left and bottom since the bigger picture seems to be shifted from left to right

    so so far i have not been able to figure out what else i could do to get it centered… anybody else having this problem or is it just me?

  31. zoopmitty says:

    to johnny>> thnx i will give that a try… I didn’t even think of using smaller size picture since i was seeing the border having the ripple effect. oddly enough though it is always the right border and sometimes the top (depending on the size i use)

  32. Blue says:

    There is vwallapaper 1 ( vringtone ) for IOS 5.0.1 ??

  33. Johnny says:

    @Zoopmitty try 320 x 480 😉 that’s what it should be I believe.

  34. skim says:

    Do you know if the volume button bug is fixable? With video wallpaper the volume buttons no longer control ringer volume. Instead it controls app volume. Not a deal breaker but just curious. The biggest bug was fixed in this release (alarms). Next big bug that needs to be fixed is single vibrate when receiving calls. Once that is resolved I’ll start using vwallpaper and I will be happy to donate.

  35. Ed b. says:

    Skrew, congrats on updating to accommodate the new jailbreak. I love my vwallpaper (always have) & I missed it while waiting for the new jb. However your latest update (while obviously needed) rendered my deepend 3d springboard useless. Any chance of making it comparable in the near future?

  36. zoopmitty says:

    great work skrew love the tweak.

    for the life of me i can’t center any picture that i use in ripple effect. i saw that the samples are 425X512 so when i change a picture to that size it seems that the picture is off center to the right. i’ve tried all different sizes– if i get it centered the picture is either stretched or it shows black border as it ripples. is there anything i need to do different than just change the size of the picture? thanks in advance.

    once again great work. cheers.

  37. tim says:

    Thanks for the hard work mate, keep it up 🙂

  38. skrew says:

    @ShaneFre: thanks 😉

  39. ShaneFre says:

    Awesome stuff dude!
    I thanked you thru PayPal!! 🙂

  40. skrew says:

    @jon: don’t know about this problem. I just have a call 10 minutes ago and ringtones working, with video on lock screen and springboard. Make more detailed bug report

  41. skrew says:

    @Dan: Thanks for your donation 🙂

  42. Dan says:

    Yay!!!! Check your PayPal 😉 and THANK YOU Skrew for the fixes and updates!

  43. SHA-TING says:

    Cool fix with the alarm not working with the lock screen video wall paper, just down loaded the update, enabled matrix vid wall paper on lock screen, set my alarm and hey presto!!!! It’s all good!!!
    Thanks skrew, your the best

  44. Jon says:

    Still has problem with phone vibrating only once when call comes in. Removal of app fixes. Would also like to see notification center fix.
    Great work

  45. Jon says:

    Still has a problem with phone only vibrating once when a call comes in. Removal of app fixes it. Would also like to see fix for notification center problem.


    Great work

  46. Justin says:

    Hi Skrew, please accept my thanks for the bug fixes and updates. We all appreciate it and please keep up the good work!!

  47. Rev Joe says:

    Any idea when you’re gonna release the video ringtone for ios 5?

  48. Jon says:

    Update good! BUT the springboard video stops every time you use notification center. Then you have to lock the phone and unlock to get the video back on the springboard. Keep up the good work!

  49. skrew says:

    Activate wallpaper in options or other like this (panorama or ripple effect)

  50. evan says:

    any luck with it just showing a black wallpaper when the video is not enabled?