Volvo Customer Support Agreements

Find out below how to save time and money. The Volvo Customer Support Agreement (CSA) offers our customers the opportunity to increase profitability, maximize potential and focus on what`s important in your business. One of the world`s leading manufacturers of tugs, tire loaders and diggers. Also manufactures road construction equipment and compact equipment. The offer includes services such as customer support contracts, machine management systems, growing equipment, financing and leasing. The agreements offer flexible solutions to meet your machine service requirements, from regular inspections to comprehensive repair, maintenance and maintenance programs. Business/Partnership Customer Support Agreements strengthen the relationship between distributor and customer and allow the dealer technician to ensure that your machine works best. With customer support agreements, you can operate quarries and build roads with maximum operating time, expertise and increased productivity. With the full support of your Volvo dealership, you can also have an impact on infrastructure in cities and countries around the world. If you and your Volvo dealer adapt a deal that best meets your needs, you`ll have access to a Volvo technician who`s trained on your machine and knows it. You will come to trust this person with the maintenance of your machine investment and with the way you make the best use of your Volvo to make you the most money.

Focus on your core Customer Support Agreements business so you can focus on the most important part of your business with total certainty. Customer support agreements are service packages tailored to the tools and services that meet your needs. These plans offer a number of benefits to your business. The Silver Customer Support Agreement offers the same actions as a blue chord and repairs of selected components. A payment covers service charges for up to five years A Volvo Service contract includes 3 or 5 regular services that are performed every 12 months or at intervals of 30,000 km, depending on the first time.

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