Update of vWallpaper 2 for iOS5


– You can now set transparency of icons in “Global Settings”.
– You can delete videos and pictures masks.

Thanks to Pizentu DeWind for the great and funny default picture 😉

NOTA: If you want to display the wallpaper on Springboard, YOU HAVE TO SWITCH ON WALLPAPER in Settings of vWallpaper 2 !

NOTA2: If you got “expired beta” you don’t have the last version, don’t use repository who don’t follow updates.. Use official repository: http://deb.danstaface.net

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85 Responses to Update of vWallpaper 2 for iOS5

  1. KeeM says:

    How can I set a vid tone

  2. Alexander says:

    please help i get the beta expired message i down \load the other site debdanstaface but it still doesnt work why ;( please help me

  3. SSCelica says:

    Suggestions: also, my original wallpaper still appears if i open a folder. It would be sick if the vwallpaper stayed throughout any actions.

  4. SSCelica says:

    Spent 2 days trying to figure out this video wallpaper thing and i finally cracked it. You need SBSettings to use vwallpaper2. If you already have SBSettings already go into the SBSettings app, go to system options at the bottom and hit Fix User Dir Permissions. This should solve any safemode problems your encountering. My iphone 4, with iOS 5.0.1 jailbroke with redsnow and using winterboard works now after installing SBSettings. Hope this helps!

    Suggestions for this App: obviously video rimgtones

  5. Mark says:

    Expired??? Just uninstal and instal using THE above rep only. All others will result in same error.

  6. Reg says:

    How do u load ur own videos???? Or can u load your own videos???

  7. Elmaleah says:

    Sory merci de l’active la version bête expiré paye par papal par don merci thank

  8. Rome says:

    Video ringtone please!!!

  9. Carina says:

    hey everyone.. i found a way to fix the problem with crashing + safe mode loop. i have an iphone 4. i chose “enable video” in the app, but didn’t choose a video.. my springboard respringed and went in the loop.

    BUT.. when you now delete vwallpaper in cydia + the folder (SSH.. i used “iphonebrowser”.. path: user/media/vwallpaper2) and reinstall vwallpaper, you’re able to choose a video and it worked for me :))

  10. Ray says:

    My springboard still crashes when i want too use this, please fix this problem cause i rly want too use this great app.

  11. water says:

    I was having problem with vwallpaper2 iPhone 4 IOS 5.0.1 it will open and crash right after. after uninstalled it about 5 time and re-installed I started to un-install all my cydia apps and nothing help. I also were having problem with sbsetting crashing. Today I was playing around with sbsetting and saw an option on ( more, system options, Fix user Dir permissions ) clicked on and went ahead springboard reboot and CABOOOM so far vwallpaper 2 it’s back and working fine, sbsetting hasn’t crash yet so if anybody have the same problem try this step. I had being search for a fix all over the Internet and had found not answer. That’s why I want to share this. Just waiting for the videoRingtone to be add to the vwallpaper2 I love videoringtone and I had create couple of videoringtone for vwallpaper 1 so if you want then I have couple of reggaetong and Dembow my email j2_chulo@yahoo.com

  12. Trimegistro says:

    Any idea why it keeps crashing and rebooting into safe mode. Please help or provide steps to avoid this. Using Sprint iPhone 4s

  13. Terry says:

    Set date back to before 1st of febuary ! For beta expired

  14. Terry says:

    Yup! Beta expired , set the date back before Jan 2011!

  15. issam says:

    thx for the program

    guys if anyone got the error msg beta expired please upgrade
    all you have to do is change your iphone date to 4 or 5 days back and it will work perfect

    Edit: Or simply upgrade using the REAL repository who contain the LAST VERSION (so last version = don’t expire !!!)

  16. Fattyz says:

    Works great but no icon transparency

  17. Boy G says:

    when will the video ringtone function be ported or compatible with iOS 5? I jailbreak because video ring pls tell us about v. Rings

  18. John says:

    Will there be an option for vringtone soon? I miss mine since updating to ios 5 🙁

  19. Jillian says:

    It says beta expired please upgrade, but I don’t see an upgrade anywhere. Please Help!

  20. Jimmy says:

    Hey! Terry, how did you fix beta expired? I can’t get mine to work. 🙁

  21. Terry says:

    Beta expired ! Thanks ! Run perfectly on my device

  22. Boy G says:

    So no more video ring tones?

  23. Ginge says:

    Downloaded iOS 5 for 5.0.1 4s and works really good only the video tab is working at the mo and the battery icon isnt there.. When will a fully functioning tweak be operational?? Thanks

  24. Sascha says:

    I have an idea for the new update. There are so many video whale paper. Here my idea. Adapts to the animation of the iPhone 4 and of iPhone 4 s. As a result, the animations get a better graphics. Greetings Sascha.

  25. Emac says:

    Looks like skrew is coming around with this! Like the Jailbreak, gotta be patient 😉 Too bad there isn’t a vWallpaper “Dream Team” lol jk I’ll keep checking back for the video ringtone update! Thanks again skrew!

  26. Yitz B. says:

    Constantly crashes to Safe Mode after installing this tweak.
    Crash Log can be found here:

  27. dayveee says:

    I recently had vwallpaper 2 on my iphone4 running 5.0.1 untethered. I also recently had to restore my phone and rejailbreak. I WANT vwallpaper back on my phone, but as soon as it is installed it reboots into safe mode. Each restart goes to safe mode. What happened or why is this happening. I have the same Cydia tweaks as before. Please help. Pretty please. with sugar on top.

  28. Yitz B. says:

    Hi. I downloaded vWallpaper 2 for iOS 5 and it causes a constant mobilesubstrate crash. Please fix this. Once it’s working, iNsaneOS will add it to our Jailbreak+ page, featuring it as a Top Cydia Package, along with your repo 🙂

  29. Huda Almutairy says:

    Hi i want v wallpaper free

  30. Jamie says:

    Bugs- 1.Can’t play music at the same time as a video wallpaper running. 2. Can’t run video wallpaper in both lock screen and home screen otherwise one will lock up. iPhone 4S iOS 5.0.1

  31. joe says:


    me running iPad 2 with vWallpaper works perfectly.

    iPhone 4, iPhone 4s all working well too.

  32. Jack says:

    Can you possibly make vWallpaper 2 panorama and magic fingers feature as an individual package? These 2 features are the only features I use. When I have vWallpaper 2 installed my battery drains fast, lags, and there are a lot of bugs.

  33. china man says:


  34. omed ali says:

    i want be download vwallapaper

  35. Mr Iphone4s (Keem) says:

    I have a iPhone 4s n it’s running on iOS 5.0.1; every time I download vWallpaper 2 for iOS 5 it sends my phone in safe mode(crash) until I remove it. What’s the problem?? How would I fix this?

  36. Jmtz78 says:

    When would it be ready for iPad 2. Can’t wait for it thanks for the amazing tweak

  37. Jay says:

    If I turn on vwallpaper i Cant use the Camera App to shoot a Video. This Happens if i ise vW with springboard or with the lockscreen. Is there a fix for that?

  38. KeeM says:

    I have a iPhone 4s n it’s running on iOS 5.0.1; every time I download vWallpaper 2 for iOS 5 it sends my phone in safe mode(crash) until I remove it. What’s the problem??

  39. Yogesh says:

    Nice themes

  40. KeeM says:

    I have a iPhone 4s n it’s running on iOS5.1;every time I download vWallpaper it sends my phone in safe mode until I remove it. What’s the problem??

  41. Faycalovitch says:

    Are you ringtone video on iOS 5 thanks

  42. an says:

    can this be used for my ipad2. it looks totally awesome on my iphone

  43. Alex says:

    Hi just wanted too know if their is going too be an update to work with Motion & Inteliscreen X kinda goes into safe mode once in a while I’m thinking Motion is the one not playing nice Mahalo

  44. Mr.Noh says:

    So when will the video ringtone function be ported or compatible with iOS 5?

  45. Grant says:

    Incase anyone has problems with a black background and no basic wallpaper. I found just turning on wallpaper didnt work. So I turned on masks, let it respring, set a wallpaper in photos, then go back to vwallaper and turn off masks again.

  46. FoulMantis says:

    I love vwallpaper2! But today I noticed the video stops playing and goes black (but particles keep working) after I open the notification center from the home screen. I have to respring to get it working again. Does anyone else have this problem?

  47. Nekcik says:

    Hey! Loving Vwallpaper, been a big fan since it was called Vidtones I think it was called back then.
    I want to report a small bug when using video wallpaper on the home screen and the lock screen. When you have both running they work fine until you drop down the notification screen from IOS 5 then the video wallpaper vanishes and doesn’t re-appear till you press the lock button and turn phone on again. Other then that great app, and I got you 2 more fans showing off my phone to a co-worker and my brother.

  48. r1c0xxX says:

    I’ve installed it and my iPhone goes into safe mode every time it reboots, would you know why it’s doing this? I am running 5.0.1, from what I read earlier IOS5 dose not need a screw common correct ? Please help , thx

  49. Keem says:

    I’ve downloaded vWallpaper 2 for iOS5/AR and when I try to set a wallpaper or after I set a wallpaper it puts my phone in safe(crash mode) until I remove the app….what should I do? What am I doing wrong?

    Also when this problem is fixed how would I go about putting my own videos as a ringtone/background,cuz I was just using the default!!!

    I’d really appreicate the help when you get a chance,you can email me back at Keymojax@aol.com


  50. Rome says:

    Cool! So when will the video ringtone function be ported or compatible with iOS 5?