Written Agreement Crop Insurance

(2) The initial written agreement is signed by you and forwarded to us no later than the expiry date, so that you can accept the offer; Planting a bridge plant and planting completely, unless the crop is engaged or grazed or harvested before November 1. If the deckernte is grazed or grazed before November 1, the planting payment for the first harvest is reduced to 35 per cent of the first harvest guarantee. (1) the number of hectares of cultivation indicated in the sales contract, when the contract indicates a number of hectares that have been concluded for the harvest year; Organic plan. A plan written in accordance with the National Organic Program published in 7 CFR Part 205, which describes the organic farming practices that you and a certifying organization agree to each year or to the schedules prescribed by the certifier. Income protection. An insurance plan that offers only protection against production losses and is only available for crops for which income protection is available. (f) you must report all plants (insured and uninsured) for the previous harvest year up to the previous closing date of the crop area or 45 days after the retraction date, unless otherwise stated in the special provisions or as in Section 18: A: STAX protects against loss of income at the district level and may complement a producer`s underlying cotton policy. , or be acquired as a stand-alone directive. Producers can choose coverage of up to 20 percent of the county`s income based on the level of coverage of their individual cotton insurance. STAX payments begin when county revenues fall below 90 percent of the expected level. The premium for this coverage is 80 per cent. All hectares covered by a STAX directive cannot be covered by an optional SoZ approval. Administrative costs.

An amount you must pay for disaster risk protection and additional coverage for each year of harvest, in accordance with Section 7 and the Disaster Protection Recommendation. This insurance policy is again insured by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) pursuant to the provisions of the Federal Crop Insurance Act (7 U.S.C 1501-1524). All provisions of the policy and the rights and obligations of the parties are expressly governed by law. The provisions of the policy cannot in any way be repealed or amended by us, by our insurance agent, by any other USDA contractor or staff member, unless the policy expressly authorizes a waiver or amendment by written agreement. We use the FCIC procedures (Manuals, Manuals, Memorands and Bulletins) that are published on the RMA website at www.rma.usda.gov or an estate website, in the management of this directive, including the adjustment of losses or claims filed under this Directive. If we cannot pay your damages because we are in default or because we are unable to meet our obligations under our reinsurance contract with FCIC, your claim will be settled in accordance with the provisions of this policy and FCIC will be liable for all amounts liability. No government guarantee funds will be responsible for your loss.

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