Oregon State Roommate Agreement

No one likes a person who can`t admit when he makes a mistake. So admit that if you`re wrong, and by doing so, you`ll encourage your roommate to do the same. Excuse me. Nothing can re-establish a relationship more than a sincere apology. If you owe your roommate an apology, give it. Your myHousng is where you will be able to reach your housing application, sign your housing and es contract, find out who your roommate/Suitemate is and be able to email it, and much more. After the start of the school year, you can submit a room maintenance request and access many other options via your myHousing. For new students applying in the spring to enter the fall semester, Oregon State uses an online system for the roommates` game, My College Roomie. Completing the online questionnaire in My College Roomie allows you to find potential roommates in the system if you want to choose your own roommate, and will help our coworkers meet you if you don`t choose your own roommate.

If you want to be at Cauthorn Hall and your potential roommate wants to be at Sackett Hall, that`s going to be a problem. Also talk about living learning communities and special communities of interest to you with potential roommates. Make sure you are interested in the same communities. If you live on the Oregon State campus, you are surrounded by other beavs who will help, make friends and inspire you. Some of the most important people by your side in the trip? Your roommates. Here are some tips to help you understand and navigate the roommate selection process. “Everyone is different, so open up to experience; Roommates will help you understand other lifestyles than your own.┬áMelissa Yamamoto, former deputy director of Residential Life No law says you agree with your roommate`s beliefs, values or preferences and dislikes. But a tolerant attitude allows you not to contradict each other, respectfully, without making a judgment on that person. Remember, it is quite possible that they do not agree with any of your values. Ideally, you can learn and grow by understanding someone else`s point of view. You realize that differences of opinion are an ordinary part of life that helps to evacuate the air.

Don`t ignore disagreements. Talk about her! Deal with conflicts right now. The more things are built, the worse they get. Work to find a compromise to avoid or end conflicts. Ask your employee in the lobby for help if you need a mediator. Avoiding confrontation usually means avoiding a problem that needs to be resolved sooner or later. Consider confrontation as a first step towards the solution and, as such, as the first step towards restoring a harmonious living environment. But sometimes the confrontation fails, especially if the timing is wrong.

Avoid confrontation if your roommate comes out of the door, yells at you or lays down. Consider the best time to approach your roommate or ask yourself to plan a comfortable time for both of you to sit and talk. The matching process for roommates remains open for several weeks, and every day other new Beavs complete their online questionnaires and join the pool of potential roommates. If you can`t find a good fit when you first search, go back a week and look again. Take the time to find someone that`s right for you. We understand that the process of finding a roommate can be challenging and even a little uncomfortable.

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