Bapi To Change Scheduling Agreement In Sap

I have to change the payment condition and the inco duration of a contract in an update task, I tried BAPI_AGREEMENT_MAINTAIN but a call transaction is called within this BAPI, so that is stupid. I try to change a delivery plan with BAPI_PO_CHANGE, but it returns the following message: PERFORM call_bapi. WA_HEADER CLEAR. SI sy-subrc NE 0. RUN call_bapi2. ENDIF. Unable to modify a delivery plan with this function I would like to know the bapi to place the rankings in me38. I use the `BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN` bapi. But when I abandon this BAPI, it gives me an instance agreement 5500000188 of the purchschedagreement object type has been modified and the delivery plan 5500000188 modified.

But no classification is generated. Can you tell me what data I need to transmit to this BAPI and how I will transmit it to this BAPI? Can you provide me with a sample code with this BAPI, which is executed correctly and generates the classifications in me38? Hello world! I am looking for bapi or functional element to modify the purchase classifications (transaction me38). BAPI_SCHEDULE_MAINTAIN can only process delivery plans on time terms. Document conditions are not supported. We use the terms of the document. Help me find another BAPI. I am looking for a BAPI or functional element to update a delivery plan for a purchase plan contract. I saw in the threads a suggestion to use BAPI_CONTRACT_CHANGE.

However, we are at 4.7 and this BAPI does not exist. I tried to use BAPI_PO_CHANGE, but it gets an error message that says it can`t be used for delivery plans.

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