Bilateral Visa Waiver Agreement Australia

Suppose you see 90 days through the Schengen area and then travel across the border between Italy and Austria. Under the Visa Waiver Agreement between Australia and Austria, you have the right to stay in Austria for up to 90 days. However, in the absence of border controls between Italy and Austria, your passport does not use any document proving that you have “left” the Schengen area and entered Austria under the Visa Waiver Agreement. Later, an immigration officer might appear to have crossed the 90-day limit below which you have the right to stay in the Schengen area. If you are considered an offence and cannot prove otherwise, it is a serious offence with possible sanctions such as a fine, deportation, notification on your passport and entry ban. If you plan to use the same bilateral agreement for an extended stay in the Netherlands, you should find out how you distinguish this stay in the Netherlands from a stay under the Schengen visa waiver. In other words, you should go to the embassies or immigration services involved. Visa waiver agreements differ in key areas. If you plan to make use of these agreements, you should be aware that you are not violating the rules…

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