Collective Agreement Mbie

The manager will communicate to PSA the names and location of all relevant employees who are members of PSA and not placed by re-evaluating or reassigning. This consultation must be provided at least one month before the date on which surplus staff are to be dismissed. If circumstances warrant, this date may be changed with the agreement of the Chief Executive and PSA. Additional information is provided to PSA upon request. A global employment contract expires, with a few exceptions, on the indicated expiry date or 3 years after its entry into force. A collective agreement is in effect until the 12-month old agreement or until it is redeemed, if the union or employer begins before the end of negotiations. (a) a period of one month to terminate the employment relationship should be granted by both parties, with the exception of what is set out below, but this may be amended by mutual agreement. This may take less time for some fixed-term contracts. A staff member may retire voluntarily or for medical reasons, with the agreement of the Director General. Transfer of collective agreements to individual contracts. If a worker is invited by his supervisor to work overtime, equivalent leave is granted by mutual agreement between the manager and the worker, on the basis of one free hour for one hour of work. Authorization must be obtained and obtained prior to overtime work. 7.5.4 Under the Leave Act, workers who have an irregular work pattern must agree on the distribution of their leave (and what is considered the usual week) before granting permission to work part-time.

The allocation of leave must be granted by both the manager and the human resources department. This agreement must be included in the personal file. These provisions concern employees who are or may be affected by a restructuring situation. They apply to all employees who have a permanent expectation of employment in all respects. They shall not apply to employees who have been recruited as temporary agents in accordance with clause 3.3 and who have been granted the expiry of a fixed-term contract. 7.11.1 A manager and his collaborators may negotiate, collectively or individually, the special leave paid by the control officers (ROSL) for permanent employees designated as in charge of verification and who are invited by the manager to spend periods from home to carry out checks or carry out related work (for example.B. Collection of information in schools or centers by e&P staff) in centers, schools or homeschoolers. This should be managed in such a way as to minimise, as far as possible, overnight stays. Staff and their hierarchical superior may, on the initiative of one of the parties, adapt or satisfy normal working hours and/or working days to the operational requirements of the Office or to the wishes of the employee. . .


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