Company Agreement Form Unibo

Yes. There are no fixed deadlines, formalize your resignation as soon as you are certain that you will not be able to complete the internship. Remember that you must also personally inform your host institution. International relations, campus and department offices, which assist exchange students on academic issues, organize events and provide information materials to help exchange students make teaching decisions. More information. You must complete your attendance form and activity log. There is no minimum working time, but it must not exceed 8 per day. If you are invited to perform activities that are not included in your work plan, please inform the internship office. Contact the International Relations Offices to examine your possibilities and inform them immediately if you wish to do an internship. The learning agreement must be approved and signed by your university and the University of Bologna before starting your mobility if your home university requires it or immediately after your arrival at the University of Bologna. If you are doing your mobility within the Erasmus+ Studio, Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM), Swiss European Mobility and Overseas programmes (a Unibo programme), you can upload your learning agreement to your personal almaRM homepage when registering online or later on your learning agreement.

You will be informed by e-mail to Mailbox of the approval or refusal of your learning agreement and its reasons. In addition, once approved, you can download a signed copy of your learning agreement. On the Ergo website you will find information on grant compatibility. For detailed information on the topic of research, tasks and work organization, students should contact the member of the Economics Department with whom they wish to work (department tutor). For students enrolled in a medical specialization school, coverage is limited to teaching activities, with the exception of all activities carried out in clinical or other health facilities. For more information on insurance coverage for students enrolled in medical school. Yes, provided that your host organisation consents and the new launch date is set for 1 September 2019 (1 January 2020 for applicants on the basis of a “future career” and 30 June 2020. Please inform our offices by e-mail. Alma Mater Studiorum Universit√† di Bologna – APAT- Ufficio Gestione Contratti AssicurativiVia Acri 3, CAP 40126, BolognaPEC: scriviunibo@pec.itFax: 051 2098845; Informazioni per la compilazione del Company Agreement Forme [.pdf 77 KB] Once you have concluded an agreement with the member of a department, the procedure for setting up the RAship consists of the following steps: The extension is not funded.

The renewal application must be submitted through Alma RM within the first two months of internship mobility if you are doing a three-month internship and in the first month of mobility if you are doing a two-month internship. For more information, see the Guide for Selected Students. The RAship takes place on the condition of a self-concluded agreement with a faculty member of the LMEC or the Department of Economics. Students should be active on the department`s website to find out who is working in the different fields and check out colleagues` personal website to see past and especially current research. . . .

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