iToday 0.5 & Skrew Common 1.37 released


SkrewCommon for vWallpaper:

– Much less glitch.
– Photo application working
games works (no more flickering screen)

SkrewCommon for iToday:

– You can scroll content with finger.
– Now bars are resizeable with content. Cool for next features 🙂
– Weather autorefresh when lockscreen come (experimental)
– Battery icon change with charge (thanks obscure909)
– Calendar Events contain "recurrent events"
– Themes are blocked, as it still in development and can change on next version.

Futur :

– Choose how many items to display (day/next day or by number)
– Display mail, call history & sms.
– Choose display order.

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3 Responses to iToday 0.5 & Skrew Common 1.37 released

  1. plopzz says:

    this problem are gone now, read forums

  2. yseternl says:

    vwallpere will allow me to download, but i need skrew common to use it, duh, its your site…

      The problem is, why wont skrew common work right now? i had it before, ive done EVERYthing possible, reboot, clear que, installer fix, new source… NOTHING, is it down because of the update?

  3. azian says:

    where to download?