Preview of vWallpaper 2 with video ringtones


Just for saying: Yes, i work on it !

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11 Responses to Preview of vWallpaper 2 with video ringtones

  1. Eg says:

    Can somebody show me where I can find the video ringtone on vwallpaper? I have old vwallpaper before I update my phone to iOS 5, now vwallpaper is different,anyone, thanks.

  2. Boyll says:

    yo screw hit me up at my email i gotta run somethin by ya thx man

  3. sonpham1102 says:

    We waiting update…need funtion very long time!

  4. japanese says:

    It expects.
    Your program is wonderful.
    Translation software is used.
    From Japan.

  5. ZuperZaira says:

    Ohhh Darn! The video ringtone only function when the Lock Screen Video are DISABLED!!

  6. ZuperZaira says:

    I already installed the .deb file manually, and I already installed the Video Ringtone, and the app works when the iPhone are unlocked like the video, but when the iPhone are locked, didn’t work… glitch!

  7. NATO says:

    Wowww this is great!!! Waiting for this!!!
    I recommend add more panorama pichers!!

  8. Amerasians says:

    Hi just want to say it bugs with camera video, when I want to record video it only took for 5 seconds, after that close by itself, then I tried to remove vwallpaper and it works normally, it also bugs with gta3 it can’t be played and with COD: black ops zombie, it has no sound with it, and every time I open an app and close the video on homescreen

  9. Max says:


  10. china man says:


  11. JP says:

    Need people to test it?