Beta for vWallpaper 2 with Ringtones.


It’s a “closed” beta, install it from here

If you don’t know how to install manually a deb, please don’t use it and wait for update on cydia.

Don’t tell for features, just report problems (if any) on this version ! Thanks !

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40 Responses to Beta for vWallpaper 2 with Ringtones.

  1. Anaony says:

    I Installed vwallpaper on ipad 2 after jailbreak with absinth on ios 5.0.1 … took a little while but figured out how every thing worked …

    I basically use only 2 features panoramic and video

    panoramic features works great in portrait but when i shift it into landscape my icons move but the wallpaper doesnt and then when i move to the icon to the left the image moves DOwn LOL .. HOW CAN I FiX this

    video again stays the same when i shift into landscape mode but the video works for landscape and portrait if its on the look screen

  2. irishgond says:

    I only use this for the Vringer, testing now. I do have a bug/issue when BossPaper is enabled and vWallpaper 2 is installed…when I have my phone in landscape (sbrotator) only the top of the screen rotates, not the whole springboard…when Bosspaper is disabled everything works fine.

    iPhone 4 ios 5.0.1

  3. Spencer says:

    Ignore my last post, app worked for a little. No longer works. Keeps booting into safemode… :/

  4. Spencer says:

    I removed some stuff, whatever was clashing with this beautiful app is gone. Iconclasm, infinidock or weathericon. Please fix 🙂

  5. Spencer says:

    I am not using the Gevey. Is it required. O.o I couldn’t respring in safemode because no SB settings…

  6. Nick says:

    Lol, nevermind about the alarm thing, just change the volume through the iphone settings menu

  7. Chubb says:

    Spencer once it opens and safe mode is enable. If you are usin the Gevey just do the Gevey trick and then respring. Works every time.

  8. Spencer says:

    Well, few bugs. After installed, Iphone 4 would constantly boot into safe mode, even with winterboard not installed. I think it may be clashing with MewSeek 2.7-3. Also, after I finally removed it. (Must use ifile and search from “/” > hierarchy delete everything from Skrew/VWall, my wallpaper for my homescreen doesn’t work. Once this is running smoothly I am downloading it and donating! 😀

  9. Alex says:

    I found that vwallpaper doesn’t work well with certain theme. When the phone wakes up, it goes to safe mode. Anyone have any ideas why?

  10. Nick says:

    Found a bug, seems that if i have video wallpaper and video ringtone enabled my ringer volume buttons will adjust the volume of my unlock sounds. It also disables volume change of my alarm

  11. joe says:

    no conflict with multiflow

  12. amedaias says:

    mine finally works, but i must restore it, nice

  13. UH man says:

    After I enable it in global setting,how do I choose a ringtone? I want to use a vwallaper video.

  14. joe says:

    Lockscreen video conflicts with the Video Ringer.
    Will test with multiflow tomorrow and see any conflict.

  15. anime007 says:

    i got this simply to replace perpage since it never gets updated and multiwall kind of lags. I tried to set different png files (static images) in Particles per page but that results in safe mode every time. the path i put the picture files i believe is var/mobile/Media/vwallpaper/Particles. Then I glued my pictures into one single panorama picture file and selected it under Panarama, this seems to work however, the horizontal positions are way off, using photoshop and moved it right and left the placement of the first image is perfect but the 2nd page is still off by a little bit to the left and spotlight is off to the left just about twice as much as the second page. also i notice this has the same problem as the other tweaks with wraparound. when you scroll to the spotlight page it tries to read the last page instead so I double pasted the spotlight page when i glued the panaroma to prevent the jumpiness.

  16. Nick says:

    Well done sir!! There are still issues with dreamboard but thats expected, just disable through sbsettings substrate. Ive got a couple custom vids if u wanna add to your repo.

    I know its way too early but an option for portrait\landscape vid would be kickass

  17. zoopmitty says:

    works flawless. you are on top of your game skrew. thnx bunch

  18. Nekcik says:

    I’m an OCD person when it comes to apps working flawlessly with the iphone 4S and the one problem I’ve noticed as with any release of Vwallpaper is that for a half of second when the phone wakes up when someone calls you, the phone will turn on and show the animated wallpaper on the home screen (not the lock screen) right before the video kicks in.
    My question is, is there anyways to by pass that split second and the very first thing you see is the videotones?
    Other then just that issue I have yet to see it not work or have any other issues. Works perfectly with all the other apps I have installed and my phone runs flawlessly. Can’t wait for the final release/next build as I am currently on 5_0.0.9-10_i.
    Thanks again for the hard work!

  19. bori says:

    Working great!!!

  20. Amedaias says:

    Mine doesn’t work, does it stuck with smtgh i just have appsync afc2add ifile installous, before it worked until i want to take video camera, and it even can’t open it will back to springboard

  21. Andy says:

    sometimes will into safe mode with using multifl0w ,but still awsome ,thanks very much.

  22. Domalina says:

    Works flawless iphone 4s ios 5.0.1 build 2 good job skrew!!!!

  23. shane o mac says:

  24. Chubb says:

    To change the Vringers go to settings and activate them.

  25. Rick says:

    Had to un install vwallpaper first, then add the file, hard reboot and re install vwallpaper. Now works great.

    And got a custom vRingtone from jp, thanks for the custom make, contact him at please donate for his effort

  26. samlo says:

    the skrew thank you this version of the test is normal use

  27. G says:

    I can’t find vringtone?

  28. Jeff says:

    Help please?

  29. Cartagena says:

    works great but should set video default to 480×320 insted of 320×480 that way the video’s won’t be strectched down,it’s better if the video is adjusted in the middle of the screen.

  30. chris says:

    i got it forget it

  31. chris says:

    how do u activate the ringtone? iv cant get it to work. but the app runs fine.

  32. Chubb says:

    Changed a few settings on the 4S seems like the lock screen Video wallpaper conflicts with the VRingers. Deactivated the lock screen video and the Vringers work just fine.

  33. JP says:

    If anyone needs videos email me. I’ll be making some tonight. Anyone know how to get rid of the slider? I’d like to just see video.

  34. JP says:

    Works awesome. iPhone 4s here.

  35. Chubb says:

    Also the jpgs for each video do not show nor can you preview the vringers prior to using. So every test has to be from an incoming call. Thanks for the tech support. Minor stuff and still a great app!!!

  36. Chubb says:

    Seems like the vringers have to have a respring after each call otherwise the video and ringtone when receiving a call is silent and the screen is pitch black.

  37. Chubb says:

    I fixed it. I had to do a respring. Now the 4S will come to the ringer page when I receive calls on certain videos and on others it works fine.

  38. skrew says:

    I don’t have a gevey to test it so no fix

  39. Chubb says:

    I was able to install it on two IPhones. One Is a 4 5.0.1 bb4.10.01 and the second is a 4S 5.0.1 BB 1.10.14. The 4S works perfectly. The 4 is using a Gevey and each time I go to access the Gevey process it sends the phone to safe mode. Any ideas as to why? Or a fix?

  40. china man says: