iToday 0.51 released

Minor update for video menu

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3 Responses to iToday 0.51 released

  1. skrew says:

    read FAQ of iToday. Theme are deactived ATM because it still in development stade. Its annoying for me too ! 🙂

  2. ggeegino says:

    thank god for the update! Atlease we got video working the last update had that not working so thanks screw for that fix! Im happy with it the way it is ! I dont care about anythng else as long as the video works i make my own themes anyway! So thank you for the fix with video!

    gino hakimi

  3. bravo2zero says:

    since the update of the 0.51 version of Itoday, we can o longer activate in the settings the themes only video works, is this is a bug or have you just forgoten something ??? please let me know if there is another way of cancelling the update and coming back to the 0.50 which worked quite fine, runing on 1.1.4 unlocked officilay by apple. Wink