Video ringtones in vWallpaper 2 is here


Closed test are over.
Thanks for reporting.

– Fixed problem between away video and video ringtone (not perfect for transition ATM but works).
– You can see the preview of video when you select it (ugly useful) in main GUI.


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97 Responses to Video ringtones in vWallpaper 2 is here

  1. Jason says:

    Hi I noticed vwallpaper 2 has issues on the iPad. When enabling video wallpaper it does not utilize the entire screen. There are black bars on both sides of the video being played. I think this has to do with the strings in vwallpaper and the resolution it uses on the iPad. REALLY want this issue fixed, thanks.

    Edit skrew: i REALLY want you just looking a little around, and use iPad videos, and not iPhone videos ! thanks…

  2. Nadhia says:

    “how to use video ringtone

  3. ethan261987 says:

    Pls!!! Help me. When i installing the vwallpaper2 iso5 my iphone4 has been crash and running safemod.

  4. Nethan says:

    Hi evryone aim using iPhone 4s 5.0.1 evry time i install vWallpaper 2 MY SPRINGBORD CRASH AND IPHONE RESTART IN SAFE MODE ANY IDIA HOW TO FIX THIS IAM GOING CARZY I GOT VERIZON

  5. Joseph says:

    Even when the Wallpaper is on in settings, my springboard still display a black background… Any help to it ?

  6. drake says:

    confirm. this doesn’t work with 5.1.1. springboard crashes & safemode loop. this needs an update!

  7. justaname1907 says:

    hey i dont think vwallpaper is compatible with 5.1.1,, ive used vwallpapers before on my previous iphone! but i just got this iphone 4 ios 5.1.1. no matter what i do, springboard crashes after installing vwallpaper 2 for ios5,,, pls help me ,,

  8. Shadowfanjj says:

    Um there are only 3 lists of things for vWallpaper 2 iOS 5 there is a guy called Xcelker8 he has stripper videos and was wondering if you could add his wallpapers or if you could tell me how to get more then what their is to download

  9. Boi says:

    Anybody can share where to download more nice video, magic finger, picture mask, web views per page please~~~~~

  10. Error55o says:

    The vringtone dll causes a spring board crash in latest release, I have a log file if you need it


  11. Sharp shane says:

    I love this feature

  12. Ninja says:

    The video ringtone works, but it scales the video. I’m using ios5.5.1 with 4s

  13. P-Boi says:

    Nevermind my comment. Figured it out.

  14. P-Boi says:

    I love vWallpaper 2, only I have a problem. I tried to use a normal wallpaper, and it only shows up black. When I open a folder, it shows the wallpaper split, then when i close the folder it goes back to black. Very upsetting. Any help?

  15. Filipe Muniz says:

    Here they are Skrew. I hope the community like them. See ya later o/

  16. drake says:

    is this compatible with 5.1.1? tried to install it on ip 5.1.1 but i kept getting safe mode loop. it works great when i’m still on 5.0.1. any tips?

  17. skrew says:

    Hi, send files somewhere i can download it. Thanks

  18. Filipe Muniz says:

    Hey Skrew, I have created a couple additional video wallpapers I want to share. How can I send them for you?

  19. Tai says:

    I love vWallpaper2, but it’s preventing me from viewing normal photo Wallpapers.

    I know that I need to turn off all options except “Wallpaper” in “Manage Current Theme” but all I get is a black screen

    The only way normal wallpapers show is when vWallpaper2’s beta expires or if I uninstall it.

    Any suggestions?


  20. Robinski says:

    iPhone 4s running 5.1.1. vWallpaper2 worked for a while… then started getting pixelated / green blocks. Deleted zRin* files. Uninstalled. Reinstalled. No change. Love app!! Also Barrel, Folder Enhancer, IconRenamer, Springtomize, SBSettings runnuing. Any hints?

  21. Night says:

    It’s really awesome for iPhone . Without it iPhone isn’t complete. I like it too much

  22. Nick says:

    Iphone 4 iOS 5.1.1. No issues. Would love more video wallpapers and video tones. If there is a way for people share links or let me know how to make some and contribute that would be sweet. Right now got the matrix running as both lock and background. Although I do think it’s draining the battery.

  23. Santiago Romero says:

    No puedo cambiar la versión beta como lo hago???

  24. Boi says:

    The Beta date expiry again…………..
    I love vwallpaper, but every once in a while, this expiry date is irritating……

  25. WlL says:

    Doesn’t work anymore. I keep getting that it is expired and beta is over

  26. Julia says:


    I have an iphone 4S on iOS 5.1.1. For the past week, I’ve been trying to transfer my own MPEG 4 video ringtone via OpenSSH but failed. I’ve installed vWallpaper 2 for iOS 5 and even SkrewCommon but no matter how I try and how many times I try, I just can’t seem to locate the Skrew folder in private/var/mobile/media.

    I’m wondering if the problem is due to iOS 5.1.1 or maybe I’ve done something wrong?
    Can someone help me on this please?
    Would really appreciate if someone can guide me on how I can go about locating the Skrew folder or transferring my video ringtone so that I can make it work on VWallpaper.

    Thanks a million.

  27. Lohand says:

    Just thought of something totally sick! “Video-call wallpaper” i.e. the callers video (via facetime, skype, etc.) is displayed as live video wallpaper. Was gonna throw a tweet to one of those other JB devs but NO ONE can touch Skrew in this area! Sayin…

  28. Mark says:

    When will vwallpaper2 b updated for 5.1.1 it crashes when u apply effects behind icons and magic fingers (ain’t really worried about those),video works,ripple effects and skyrocket (really want that one) doesn’t work at all

  29. Mayorlim says:

    Thanks Skrew for the update…everything worked well specially the vWallpaper & vRingtone. Love your work, keep it up!

  30. JD says:

    Release date for vwallpaper 5.1.1 ios5?

  31. Lwglwsss says:

    When play music,the video wallpaper will change into black screen.

  32. Killa KELZ says:

    Will it be possible to have an update of new videos please as the one which are on there are slightly old and would it be possible to select them via category please eg hip hop…pop…dance etc and to have the artisit and song title on all videos please

    Many thanks

  33. lufeng says:

    Way over?

  34. skrew says:

    It’s exactly the same version, only the date for expired beta have changed… You should have another problem

  35. Harry says:


  36. Chris says:

    This release has serious problems. I haven’t had a crash in weeks. Within 12 hours of updating vWallpaper 2 to this version, the phone has crashed out to MobileSubstrate 4 times..

  37. Hazim says:

    Dear Plz can put arabic tone and some classic tone

  38. Jato_BZ says:

    Why has this tweak stopped working after I updated to the latest version? iPhone 4S 5.0.1. I had a MSG saying I needed to update and the tweak would then exit and close down. This is a cool tweak but I am disappointed it is not working. My effects are turned on but nothing. Anyone else having this same problem???

  39. neglo says:

    it suddenly doesn’t work after upgrade. -_-;;;;


  40. Andrew says:

    Not working after update on iPhone 4, running 5.0.1.

  41. Steve says:

    It stopped… Got it from your repo. Why is it expired still.

  42. Steve says:

    Says beta expired. Reinstalled and yes im using the right repo. Yes even rebooted. Several times each. Whats going on?

  43. Mi says:

    Good idea