vWallpaper 2 update


– You can choose between iPhone and iPad video list (not in all repository).
– Video player refined, have better loop.

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47 Responses to vWallpaper 2 update

  1. Waldermort says:

    Conflict with android lock xt 2.7

    When using a lock screen video unlocking the phone then opening any app causes the lock screen video to be played on the springboard. This last approx 30 secs, I’m guessing the video length, then the springboard wallpaper is shown. The app doesn’t crash but this is the behavior on each unlock. Disabling the lock screen video fixes the problem. I’m running 5.1.1 on a 4 S. Skrew I’m a cpp developer. Let me know if you need a beta tester.

  2. Simon says:

    Hey screw may I ask do you have vWallpaper for ios 5.1.1? Why can’t I use this version vWallpaper?

  3. James says:

    I love this app..How do I make my own wallpapers for iPhone 4??? Please email *** NO EMAIL IN A PUBLIC SITE FOR YOUR SAFETY *** with a response please..Thanks Skrew!

  4. pacoramirez says:

    hi can someone help me pleasse? i cant install vwallpaper on my iphone 3g on ios 4.1, i have tried the repos i.danstaface.net and deb.danstaface.net also i.danstaface.net/deb/ and nothin, i get vwallpaper2 for ios 5 and thats it and sometimes the source is just empty, please help, also ihave cydia 1.1.6, what am i doin wrong?

  5. Jon says:

    Any new vwallpapers in 2gen iPods

  6. Mido says:

    I love thx

  7. Msbadluckpenny says:

    Why does vwallpaper keep crashing?

  8. Alan says:

    Hey, i like it

  9. Glen says:

    My vwallpaper 2 os5 is putting my iPhone 4 in safe mode I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times even tried to uninstall reinstall source and still same thing

  10. Jon says:

    Add this update to cydia please

  11. Martin says:

    How can I get videos to go full screen? It plays the videos in small screen :/

  12. james says:

    ios 6 ??

  13. Jake says:

    Hi, i just wanna would there be an IOS 6 version. 🙂

  14. Mike says:

    Will there be an ios 6 version ?? Ty

  15. Garry says:

    Sorted the issue out with the black wallpaper. It’s a weird bug. If I set the same wallpaper to the lock screen and then set the same wallpaper to the home screen I end up with black wallpaper. If I then change the lock screen wallpaper to something different and also the home screen to something different again it then works and is not black anymore!

  16. Ammi says:

    Thnx for the help guys but unfortuanlly nothing worked 🙁 I re-installed vWallpaper, removed all the other tweaks (wheren’t many) like 4 tweaks or something but there’s no difference. somebody had issues with the black screen.. i have the same problem now -___-” I can’t use vWallpaper
    properly cuz it has to many bugs. Hope you will fix it soon

  17. Jaanscily says:

    Is there more video wallpere ???

  18. Msbadluckpenny says:

    Is there any way to get vWallpaper on a 3G iPhone running 4.2.1?

  19. Msbadluckpenny says:

    Can you still get vWallpaper for iPhone 3g

  20. Gaurav says:

    I need v wallpaper fr iOS 4 pls help me

  21. Jo says:

    The iOS 5 has ended – no longer working!!! No replacement available that I can find

  22. Garry says:

    @Skrew… Any ideas re the black wallpaper issue? I only use the lock screen video option which works fine and have set the stock wallpaper option to on but I just get a black background rather than my normal wallpaper? I tried this with no other tweaks installed – just Cydia and vWallpaper but same issue so it can’t be any other tweaks causing the issue.

  23. Ian says:

    Thank you sooooooo much got it working now after I got rid of most tweets … This is best cydia app out there…. If a had a dollar for everyone who wants to know how to get vwallpaper after seeing my phone I be rich… Keep you the gr8 work…. Thanks again….

  24. Steve says:

    IOS 6?

  25. skrew says:

    You don’t use the real repository… I tested last hour ago to remove/install from real repository, it don’t expire…

  26. Jen says:

    Having the same issue as subalt and Josiah … It Stopped working, open it up “beta expired” closes …. Help 🙁

  27. Subalt says:

    Hi I have vWallpaper2 and been using it for a long time, but yesterday stopped working and when I open te App to configure it always shows me something like this: “BETA EXPIRED. GET NEW VERSION FROM OFFICIAL REP, THIS WILL NOW CLOSE”… And it closes… Then, when trying to update it says files cannot be found

  28. Josiah says:

    Please someone answer the question. Jack asked. I’ve had vwallpaper2 for months with little issue but now it says beta expired but I can’t find out how or where to update this. How do I continue using vwallpaper2?

  29. Garry says:

    Anyone help? I cannot enable my normal wallpaper despite the setting being set to on. I just get a black background. Have reinstalled the jailbreak on fresh 5.1.1 and just have vwallpaper and Cydia installed – no other tweaks but it makes no difference! Anyone got any ideas?

  30. Lord_Pepe says:


    double check the repo, its http://i.danstaface.net/deb/

  31. Paul says:

    Hey there! Been using your awesome program for about 1 year or more now and love it!! I unfortunately had to upgrade to 5.1.1 and when I add source deb.danstaface.net and install vwallpaper my springboard continues to crash no matter what I do. I erased all my jailbreaks, restored, tried again and still to no avail. PLEEEEEEZ HELP!!! Thank you!!

  32. Rhythm says:

    Nice wallpaper I like it

  33. Lord_Pepe says:

    okay i figured it out.. i think there’s a conflict with unlockized. i just uninstalled it, and works fine with the ripple effect..

  34. MM says:

    Great app! I am running 5.0.1 and everything works fine except the video ringtone. I can enable it but nothing else happens after that. Once enabled I am assuming another menu should slide open to select the video but nothing happens, its stays on the screen to enable. What am i missing. Thanks

  35. Raimonds says:

    Hi I am from the Latvian me wondering whether it is possible to Iphone lock screen as the Samsung GS3, Ripple touch of a finger, rather than turning on the option Ripple??

  36. Pho says:

    Springtomize seemed to cause an issue with miPhone 4 OS 5.1.1
    I found simply turning it off during install and initial set up done the trick.
    Arfter that turned back on and had no issues since.
    **ALSO NOTE**
    This app will freeze at respring if both video wallpaper and ripple effect are turned on. It’s one or the other I guess. Hope this helps

  37. Pizentu says:

    @ Ammi and @Ian You most likely have downloaded another tweak that conflicts with vWallpaper. Not all tweaks play well together. Depending on how many tweaks you have, you could uninstall one at a time to find the one that is causing the problem. If you have a ton of tweaks, that would make the elimination process a burden not worth going through.

    Also if you have a ton of tweaks, this could slow your device as well. I too have this problem (too many tweaks installed). I have deleted many to rid me of the issues but vWallpaper would be the last that I would delete, personally.

    @Krak4211 Why would you use 1080p videos? That would leave black bars on top and bottom of your screen. You can use a 1080p video and crop it to 768×1024. Many of my videos are made this way. Though I do have many older videos that were not made with the higher quality videos.

    @Skrew as always, keep up the great work. This app is awesome!

  38. Ammi says:

    An awesome App so keep up the good work! Everytime people who see my animated background they go crazy and asking how to get an animated background =P

  39. Ammi says:

    Hey Skrew,

    I really hope this update fixes the freeze problem! Its such annoying when i close an App and it freezes =( cuz it takes really long to reboot the iPhone. Also when i took a picture and i shut down the camera it always freezes.. thats why i don’t want to take pictures anymore. But ofcourse its

  40. Lord_Pepe says:

    video works great.. but the ripple effect only gives blank wallpapers, any idea how i could fixed this??

  41. Rene Nieuwenhuis says:

    Works perfect. Thank you!

  42. Krak4211 says:

    Can I make 1080p video wallpapers for the New iPad?

  43. eintw1ck says:

    Is there any chane I can get a copy of the source code, I am a tweak developer who likes to use source code to learn but I am making a tweak that has a wallpaper on every page (well that’s my concept at least )

  44. Ian says:

    Love the fact that veallpaper is back, but when I install it …. Goes to safe mod every time … Any ideas… Would be very helpful

  45. Jack says:

    Your vwallpaper2 says BETA expired. And closes automaticly. Where do i download the non expired?

  46. skrew says:

    Sorry no, the iOS4 version has expired… I will take care about iOS5 version this time…

  47. john says:

    hi skrew.. i was wondering do you have any vwallpaper version for ios4?