First release (beta 1) of vWallpaper2 for iOS 6


First version for iOS 6.

Please note:

-> vWallpaper stretch videos for 4″ screen, avoid this. It’s (i think) cpu and battery eater. Use videos optimized for iPhone 5 on Pizentu repository
-> Widgets are disabled for this version.
-> Sleep timer while video playing don’t work yet.
-> Icon transparency don’t work yet.
-> Default wallpaper don’t work yet.

It’s 05:40am here, time to sleep ! 🙂

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125 Responses to First release (beta 1) of vWallpaper2 for iOS 6

  1. xcasperx says:

    Hey 😉 First thx” for THx for the update to Support iOS 6″!
    3 Bugs for me..
    1. The Video in lockscreen and springboard go on, go Off, go on, go Off…the video stops Playing and than goes in^^
    2. i can’t Set 2 different Video for Lockscreen and springboard..only the Video from springboard Set Play’s, But on lockscreen^^ and springboard (i have Set amorpher Video in Lock Video Setzlings in vwallpaper!)
    3. Open Notification Center..Video stop playing”
    4. Open sb settings…Video stop playing”
    5. iphone dosn’t auto Lock when Video is Set”
    6. Video Stop playing After a call” (evt. Conflikt with callbar)

    Thanks for the Hard work 😉 I have iPhone5 iOS 6.1 and vwallpaper for iOS 6 installed

  2. Alon says:

    Thanks for all

  3. Asoof says:

    Auto lock screen is not work
    Thanks for your heilp

  4. Lex says:

    Hi, lockscreen Video Hangs up Ehen active, also the normal Screen will geht Black. Also After a call the Screen stays Black. Tanks for all your work.

  5. snakes says:

    sorry i again i found no contact button. videos on iphone 5 and the lockscreen freeze after some seconds.

  6. snakes says:

    For me vWallpaper works fine. I tested it with backroundvideos .
    But there always stretch all videos, is there some option to let video in original size? this would be good.

  7. LAMPRO says:

    Any news on release of beta2 ???

  8. DanSiv says:

    When setting video for lockscreen, once you lock and unlock the static lockscreen wallpaper will display instead of video until you restoring again. But only good till lock and unlock the phone again – iPhone 4S – 6.1.2

  9. Shawn says:

    When I go to change theme it says settings not loaded yet even though I was able to choose a theme before and it has my current theme working.

  10. Monte says:

    I miss vwallpaper badly it works great on my iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.3 accept it won’t let phone go to sleep I’m happily waiting for that fix. Hint hint

  11. Owen says:

    I confirm the auto lock bug on IOS 6.1.3. The phone will not sleep when using a video background.

  12. VGR says:

    Whether there will be an updating?

  13. mhadz says:

    how can i update my iphone 2g i think

  14. Shawn says:

    First of all…. V wall if my very favorite tweak for my phone. Great job . Wanted to see if anyone else has a probem with the proximity sensor. iPhone 4S 6.1.2. The display shows fine when making a call, but when u move the phone away, it won’t show the call screen. Works properly if I turn video off.

  15. Bim Bim says:

    Problem with proximity sensor still exists. Everytime I make a call and raise the phone to my ear, the screen remains blank when I am finished with the call. And cannot immediately end the call

  16. Wesker says:

    Freeze ? No update ? This version have some bugs in iOS 6 :/

  17. jumanji72 says:

    Congratulations on the job, I love vW ….
    I have a 3gs 6.1 and my only problem now is with the proximity sensor, when I call or call me, to bring to the screen estase ear off, but then does not turn on, I have to give the sleep button to end the called.

  18. FrankBlack says:

    Nice Work! How cool would it be to use vW to Skin NC and Siri ;^)…

  19. JR says:

    Not Standby. Robish

  20. Lorain says:

    I installed v wallpaper and my screen would go black every time I raised it to speak. I uninstalled it it works fine I reinstalled now I have the same issue. Please figure out this problem for me. I love veal paper.

  21. Oliver says:

    Beta 2 release is on the way ?

  22. Darin says:

    I can only get the wallpaper to work on my lock screen but only right after the phone is resprung, if I lock my phone using the a quick press of the power button and then press the home key to open it up again, then it uses my user wallpaper for and not the video, any suggestions?

  23. Traci says:

    Proximity Sensor issue when on a call. Screen stays black. Iphone 4, ios 6.1, current version of vwallpaper.

    Awesome app BTW. Great work- even with the bug.

    It ONLY happens when I have vwallpaper 2 for ios 6 installed. If I uninstall it, everything is 100% fine.

  24. Jackie says:

    i can see vwallpaper as i search it,but not when i open the repo..

  25. Boy G. says:

    When is the update coming???

  26. cristiandior says:

    problema bug vwallpaper ios6 su iphone 4s 6.1 scompare sfondo animatoin lockscreen

  27. cristiandior says:

    salve problema con vwallpaper io6 in lockscreen dopo lo slocco il video animato scompare e per riaverlo in lockscreen devo fare il respring ma se sblocco la lockscreen dopo non ricompare piu come risolvere problema?

  28. LAMPRO says:

    eta on next update?? Bug: proximity sensor- bug during call won’t wake from proximity sensor activation. Era on next update?

  29. Positrons says:


    Premièrement bravo pour ce tweak très sympa.
    Un bug d’incompatibilité avec le mode mise en veille automatique de iOS 6.1 (mise en veille automatique (1min) impossible à partire du springboard)

    Iphone 4 (32go)
    iOS 6.1

    Voilà bon courage.

  30. yesEmrys says:

    Sleep timer is the big problem! : (

  31. Jo says:

    Lockscreen video won’t work after keylocking again =( like it will only working right after I respiring. Once I unlock the phone and keylock again it stops working

  32. Jackdrits says:

    Hello there Skrew!

    Firstly i’d like to congratulate you for this amazing tweak, i just love it.

    I’ve downloaded vWallpaper 2 yesterday, running it on my iPhone 5 6.1.1.
    Tweaks installed: IntelliScreenX 6, Bulletin and NCSettings and vWallpaper 2.

    What have i tested so far:
    LockScreen video: Not working.
    Description: It works only after the first respring (right after enabling it on), but if you lock the phone it loses the video on the lockscreen. To me, this is the most amazing feature of vWallpaper, once i have never seen someone with an animated video on the lockscreen.
    SpringBoard video: Working almost perfectly.
    Description: It only does not animate the background while inside a folder, which also didn’t work on the older versions of vWallpaper as well.. But this is not a main concern i think.

    Thank you so much for this tweak!
    Love it.

  33. wetrix says:

    after set video at lock screen ,it fuction , but after lock again , it gone and become my screen lock wallpaper and when charging phone lock screen will become black colour , hope can fix it

  34. CRoberts says:

    Just to congratulate you!
    I hope you are getting closer to an iOS6.x release. We are counting on you!!!

  35. cherek says:

    Great initiative!
    Though I have two problems.
    1 black background in my main menu (fixes only after uninstalling Vwallpaper2
    2 the video in lockscreen only works once (after respring). when i lock phone myself no video

  36. Rinaldo says:

    Great app, when I enable video wallpaper and use the Gangnam style video, and lower/raise volume then it mutes the video until the caller hangs up: then you have a less-than-a-second sound output.

  37. kamalneet says:

    20 days gone by no updates yet , please make webviews work again please!!

  38. Jonathan says:

    This app is great! But there are a few bugs like the lock screen video replacing the springboard wallpaper at random. Or the lock screen picture not being displayed or playing the video, the springboard stops playback sometimes but is way less common.

    Noticed the ios5 version works as far as transparency but the videos are way less reliable and this beta is much better! Great job!

  39. LAMPRO says:

    using non-i5 vids causes major mem/ram/cpu leak making other tweaks lag when accessing further ram- please pulease update/convert pizentu library for compatible iphone5 vids- love this tweak!! THANK U!!!

  40. Sonpham1102 says:

    When I am calling has one call coming be hang, can’t not wake up monitor. And when using be disable automatic sleep time you fix it?
    Thank so much!

  41. JR says:

    No Running by iOS 6 and iPhone 5. no standby at Video wallpaper.

  42. 0xd0000 says:

    Confirmed – Auto-lock does not work when sitting idle at springboard.

    IP5 6.1

  43. cristian says:

    salve scrivo al gruppo di ho un Problema con vwallpaper su 4s ios 6 .1 Nella hom funziona il video e fin qui tutto ok , Nella lockscreen invece problemi a non finire DOPO UN respring va anche su lockscreen Una Volta sbloccato e poi richiudo lo slide il video sparisce e rimane lo sfondo originale e solo per avvisare e farvi notare il problema e credo abbiano Tutti sto Problema nel sblocco della lockscreen se potete risolvere il Problema grazie

  44. Fletch says:

    I also have the same issue as Jon crashes on ios6.1.1 iPhone 4S still good news been missing it!

  45. sonpham1102 says:

    Dear Sir!
    When install CallController..Video Ringtone be disable…Would you like to fix it?
    Thank a lot!

  46. KC says:

    Great job!
    Apart from your reported deficiency in ios6, I found that the video ringtone sometime has no sound when call come in.
    I am awaiting for your improvement in your great vWallpaper.
    Thank again your vWallpaper.

  47. Roger says:

    Phone crashes and goes into safe mode after install. 4S 6.1.1

  48. Chelsee says:

    The lock screen video won’t stay on mine. Continues to revert back to wallpaper. I have iPhone 4. iOS 6.1 evasion jailbreak.

  49. nguyen van dung xin ban cai dat anh dong cho iphone4?