vWallpaper 2 for iOS 7 – Preview 3


Little update released:

– Fix a bug for vRingtones / select by contact.
– Remove blur in dock when vWallpaper are active.


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34 Responses to vWallpaper 2 for iOS 7 – Preview 3

  1. 大神快点出ios8 says:


  2. Jio says:

    Will they be a vwallpaper 3?

  3. Eddie says:

    How do I get my own repository for videos. I have some that I would like to share and all of mine work and are HD quality.

  4. Joe says:

    Downloaded this SPECIFICALLY for hdwater, what gives?? Pls bring it back!

  5. Dave says:

    pls make vwallpaper 2 for lockscreen too. pls pls pls bro

  6. Fayçal says:

    Always waiting your update my bro for problems related to vwallpapper

  7. Trancelikestate says:

    Springboard crash with a vringtone whilst listening to music. Phone rings, springboard crashes. 4S 7.0.4.

  8. Joel says:

    I like the app

  9. Tomato says:


  10. Adam says:

    Auto-lock and will be great 🙂

  11. Paul says:

    I cant seem to find the one for ios 7 on your repo..

  12. Aplus says:

    Video ringtone a are still unusable on my 5s. just miss every call because it mutes everytime.

  13. Neno says:

    Hi, only one question. Where webview is?

  14. THX1138 says:

    Latest version does not seem to support the following video resolution: 2048 x 1536. This is on a iOS7 iPad 3.

  15. Shaun says:

    This is my fav app u doing a great job. Wondering if u gon do the lock screen wallpaper to. I’m using animate all it’s ok. I prefer yours

  16. Paul says:

    Why is there no more HD Rain?!

  17. Aplus says:

    Also having problem goes to vibrate/silent when phone rings please help!!

  18. Fayçal says:

    No, it’s just a server problem

  19. Keneth says:

    Hello i have a problem, always vibrate when the phone ring, please fix this bug

  20. D1 says:

    Faycal I reporting the same issue twice and my comment never appeared

  21. Fayçal says:

    Still we wait impatiently updated flow remedy beugs All Who Are.Big up bro

  22. sonpham1102 says:

    I install on iPHone 5S when call don’t have video, only have audio..Fix it , please!

  23. Ken says:

    What’s the crop size of custom video for iPhone 5?

  24. An says:

    Anyway you can bring back hd water ? Btw, glad you updated to ios7, keep being awesome!

  25. Jisi says:

    Auto lock never works now.

  26. Johnny says:

    Hey Bro! Pls make vwallpaper 2 for Losckscreen to. That would be awesome.

  27. Eddie says:

    Vwallpaper still put me on Safe mode since the last 2 releases. Please help, I’m running ip5 iOS 7.0.4. Thank you.

  28. Century says:

    Vwallpaper is one of the best tweaks after jailbreaking. It works great on iPhone 5. My iPhone 5c however will not let me download new videos. It freezes the app and I have to close it. I can Ifile a video into the app but even then it freezes sometimes. Most of the same tweaks are on both phones. Is there a bug? Is it compatible? Great work keep it up.

  29. Fayçal says:

    Hi bro it as a big problem when you get a hidden or unknown call the phone hangs with vwallpaper

  30. provence丶vae says:

    please fix bug that volume display when call in lockscreen

  31. DANNY says:

    My 5s Always
    vibrator when the phone rings?!?
    ME TOO!
    PLEASE update

  32. Frank says:

    Fantastic update! Thanks so much. 🙂

  33. Fayçal says:

    Always the bug with the vibrator when the phone rings?!?
    Thank you bro for update