vWallpaper 2 for iOS 7 – Preview 4


New version of vWallpaper released.


– Fix a crash when incoming caller are unknown / hidden.
– Auto-lock feature on Springboard now works (take looooong time to fix !!!).
– Add lockscreen video.
– Add little tweaks in “Global settings”. More to come, make you “most-wanted” request in comments.
– Other fixes / enhancements, no need to be listed here.

The video HDWater are now named SDWater and you can found it in Pizentu repository in vWallpaper.

Edit: If autolock don’t work be sure you have the latest version, released 1 hour after.
Edit 2: feb. 3, 11:10 pm GMT: Second update for AM/PM format fix.
Edit 3: feb 4, 5:48pm GMT: Third update for auto-lock fix.

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106 Responses to vWallpaper 2 for iOS 7 – Preview 4

  1. RonVdC says:

    Yes please update for iOS 8x

  2. LancasterPete67 says:

    Wish you made this awesome app work on the iPhone 6+ vRingtone doesn’t work but or vWallpapers does. Thanks

  3. faycal says:

    We miss your tweak on version 8.X
    Update eagerly awaited

  4. Dom says:

    could u update this please for iOS 8.1.1 thanks

  5. GOPY says:

    When iOS 8.1 on ip 6 plus vwalpaper coming?

  6. César says:

    pleeeeeease realease for ios8. i miss matrix video wallpaper!! 😉

    Great App, Great work.