vWallpaper 2 for iOS 7 – Preview 4


New version of vWallpaper released.


– Fix a crash when incoming caller are unknown / hidden.
– Auto-lock feature on Springboard now works (take looooong time to fix !!!).
– Add lockscreen video.
– Add little tweaks in “Global settings”. More to come, make you “most-wanted” request in comments.
– Other fixes / enhancements, no need to be listed here.

The video HDWater are now named SDWater and you can found it in Pizentu repository in vWallpaper.

Edit: If autolock don’t work be sure you have the latest version, released 1 hour after.
Edit 2: feb. 3, 11:10 pm GMT: Second update for AM/PM format fix.
Edit 3: feb 4, 5:48pm GMT: Third update for auto-lock fix.

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106 Responses to vWallpaper 2 for iOS 7 – Preview 4

  1. Floppyjuice says:

    Any chance we can get new vWallpaper or give directions on how to do it myself .. Thank you

  2. freedom says:

    freezing when select video in setting

    – iphone 5
    – ios7.1 bea3

  3. freedom says:

    iphone5- ios7.1 beta3

    can not work.

  4. Lohand says:

    Ripple effect works for 4s on 7.0.4 but not 5s on 7.0.6. It resprings to safemode every time ;^(. BTW this is the BEST ripple effect on all of iOS. Other attempts even paid ones are a sad attempt! Just sayin…

  5. Basti says:

    Hi if I have active in the springboard vwallpaper crashes out to me and again the springboard when making calls from

  6. Marcos says:

    Hd wather is back again!!! The name is Sd wather!! Thnx a lot!!!

  7. Ahmed says:

    iPhone 5 7.0.4

    Whenever the ripple effect is enabled, my home screen wallpaper looks really weird like it’s a double wallpaper one zoomed in and the other zoomed out and they’re overlapping. So if it’s a face for example it’s like 2 faces and it looks bad. I disabled ripple effect and it goes back to normal. Please fix it because I LOVE ripple effect! Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

  8. Dante says:

    This is an AWESOME tweak and I love it, but I can seem to get a Animated HomeScreen. Lock screen works fine and is cool but HomeScreen isn’t- there isn’t an option that says HomeScreen. And the quality isn’t HD, or GREAT but I can deal with that. Pls respond if I’m doing something wrong.

  9. Azael says:

    Nace apps

  10. Shaun says:

    The non transparent dock comes back on now when the spring board vid is enabled. It wasn’t there before. I was using dock effect to get rid of it now seems to be getting overridden

  11. Nethystevo says:

    Well done for codeing this I loved it wen I had 3G
    Now it’s even better on our 5’s
    Thank you

  12. Dave says:

    hi Bro! where is the Moonlight video wallpaper? can’t find it any more. can you add it again pls. that was a really nice video wallpaper.

  13. zan says:

    it would be good if the app allows us choose the videos from our camera roll/video

  14. Angel says:

    Can u add terminator, predator or some 3d fire skull vwallpaper

  15. Angel says:

    Hi can u add icons efect option in iOS 7 vwallpaper i like icons with fire

  16. Sylvain Boivin says:

    Hi there, I am very happy to see this amazing tweak on iOS 7 now, I miss the knight rider wallpaper u used to have, Thanks and keep up the good work!

  17. Cartagena says:

    Is there any way you could add contact photo for incoming calls with video tones,like the photo in a corner please ……and thanks for everything else

  18. Martin says:


  19. Jason says:

    Thank you so much for this easy program. Sure beats searching for screen mods all day lol

  20. slankman says:

    1st time caller long time listener … thank you for making vwallpaper its great !! will be donating today . noticed when downloading from videos repository and if backlight goes out while downloading device will powercyle and get safe mode springboard error . also when selecting a video ringtone and enabling incoming calls will vibrate no sound but video plays . using iphone 5s

  21. Tom Nguyen says:

    Thanks…but not work with Callbar

  22. Luv says:

    Iphone 5 ios 7.0.4
    My videoringtone still playing even when i hang on/off the fone or FaceTime …!! Do u hâve the same problem? CAN u fix it? Thnks

  23. Yeahhbuddy says:

    Nice work!! But seems the assign contacts don’t work

  24. Jay zelaya says:

    Hey on my iPhone 5s there is a issue when I have lockscreen video and springboard video playing phone crashes consistently and then number 2 issue when playing a video on fb or web when I go back to springboard it’s a black screen just done issues I know are effecting the 5s thanks for such a great app

  25. ivanhoe says:

    Great work !!!! auto-lock working my iphone 4 ios 7.0.4 Thanks

  26. Entao says:

    This tweak is Amazon .Thanks for your job,auto lock is working very well on springscreen,but not working when I playing music on lockscreen for my iphone 4s ios7.0.4.

  27. Dazza says:

    Auto lock working on 0.2.0-14 thanks great work!

  28. Recovery says:

    You are The best Auto lock going Top Thx for best tweak

  29. Dazza says:

    I have a 4s on the latest vWallpaper update but auto lock is still not working unfortunately 🙁 .

    I want to thank you for your continued hard as I have had vWallpaper from day 1 it’s what the iphone should have had from day 1. Thank you

  30. Frank says:

    Phone goes into safe mode when lockscreen video is enabled if a motification comes across or a text message ,if disabled it works fine.

  31. ahmed hakeem says:

    I just installed your update now now 3:58 Am Saudi time
    but still autolock not working iphone 5 ios 7.0.4

  32. Aplus says:

    I uninstalled and reinstalled and it fixed clock issue!

  33. ivanhoe says:

    latest version-auto-lock not working my iphone 4 ios 7.0.4 🙁

  34. pizentu says:

    To David:
    The Kuroshio Sea video you refer to was likely in a dead repo. The guy no longer has these videos. If you can find a video or picture of this vWallpaper, I will try to find it for you.

    Also I am constantly adding new videos to my repo in the app.

  35. Myk says:

    I mean multitasking gesture

  36. Myk says:

    Hi could you please by any chance enhance the vwallpaper on springboard cause If I use multigesture’s slide from bottom to kill current app the vwallpaper has stopped and I have to lock and unlock the device to get it working..

  37. Jose says:

    The vwallpaper used to be better When it was ios5 & ios6 it’s a shame you can’t use the lock screen anymore with vwallpaper in iOS 7 and is missing the original old wallpaper there were good why you take them out! The new update change my lock screen time to military time it doesn’t make sense!!

  38. David says:

    How can I get the vwallpaper that was once was up called . Kuroshio Sea for iphone 5s

  39. David says:

    Can you pleeease add new wallpapers . Thanks

  40. Aj25236 says:

    I was wondering what made my clock change to 24 hour time I can’t change it back either 🙁

  41. Steve says:

    The latest version of vWallpaper2 also puts my lock-screen clock in 24-hour mode.

  42. Ahmed says:

    My lockscreen is also stuck on the 24 hour clock. Happened right after I updated vwallpaper today (Feb/03/2014/). I uninstalled vwallpaper and the lockscreen time returned back to normal (AM/PM time).

  43. Trancelikestate says:

    Anyone elses clock stuck in 24 hour mode only on the lockscreen?

  44. Lisa says:

    Can u do the icon particles like the ios 6 one had u could set your icons to have flames coming off and other cool effects

  45. Snakes says:

    Hi i cant found the sd weather video

  46. Zan says:

    Is it just me or when lockscreen video is enabled, my phone crashes when i get a notification

  47. ahmed hakeem says:

    auto-lock not working my iphone 5 ios 7.0.4


  48. DMT Alien says:

    Vwallpaper 2 auto-lock feature on springboard not working on iPhone 5S iOS 7.0.4. Thanks!

  49. ivanhoe says:

    auto-lock not working my iphone 4 ios 7 🙁

  50. Dave says:

    thank you bro for making vwallpaper for lockscreen!