vWallpaper 2 for iOS 7 – Preview 4


New version of vWallpaper released.


– Fix a crash when incoming caller are unknown / hidden.
– Auto-lock feature on Springboard now works (take looooong time to fix !!!).
– Add lockscreen video.
– Add little tweaks in “Global settings”. More to come, make you “most-wanted” request in comments.
– Other fixes / enhancements, no need to be listed here.

The video HDWater are now named SDWater and you can found it in Pizentu repository in vWallpaper.

Edit: If autolock don’t work be sure you have the latest version, released 1 hour after.
Edit 2: feb. 3, 11:10 pm GMT: Second update for AM/PM format fix.
Edit 3: feb 4, 5:48pm GMT: Third update for auto-lock fix.

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106 Responses to vWallpaper 2 for iOS 7 – Preview 4

  1. Barry says:

    Hoping for an iOS 8 verson

  2. Mendoza says:

    Will there be an update for iOS 8?!!!! Thanks

  3. Leo Perez says:

    This is a good website the wallpaper is very good you can trust this website 100%

  4. Cartagena says:

    Will there be an update for iOS 8.1 and iPhone 6+

  5. JP says:

    Any word on an iPhone 6 plus version?

  6. Maury says:

    Any news for ios8 tanks

  7. juan says:

    Can you make a vwallpaper for iOS 8 please
    I really enjoyed it on iOS 7. Thank you

  8. dogg says:

    ios 8.1+ update?

  9. Fayçal says:

    Please update ios8 bro

  10. Jason P says:

    What happened to bottom fire effects?

  11. Ahmed says:

    Whenever springboard video is enabled, music volume is much lower than actual volume. It keeps happening. I had to turn off vwallpaper springboard video.

  12. Ashton says:

    Can you make a halo had video wallpaper

  13. Bmac says:

    My mail alerts dont work anymore. And i use mixlr and the notifications also stopped working. Plz help.

  14. sam says:


    sorry guys I didn’t check under Usr, here’s what I found:


  15. sam says:

    If i want to add my own video to the “global directory” where do I put them? It was just a guess but I dont see a place for them in “/applications/vWallpaper2.app”. running iOS7.1.2 on 5S. Thanks.

  16. Lucky says:

    Hi Awesome tweak thanks for your hard work.
    I am fine with the features but since I installed VW2 and Ringtone from your repository, all sounds are twice as loud and totally overpowred and somehow exaggerated. Disabled and re-installed, respringed several times but no effect all.

    Anyone else experiencing this?
    Appreciate any help! Thanks

  17. Theo says:

    I am trying to add repo to insta vwallpaper 2 but with no success. Cydia says that repo is old and can’t be confirmed. Is there another way? I have iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2

  18. Andre says:

    I’m trying to download the latest version video wallpaper 2

  19. Bill says:

    Love this app thanks – but skyrocket crashes sporadically on jailbreak 7.1.1

  20. Keith says:

    How do you get the sound from the video to stop playing in the background of a phone call?

  21. Milbert says:

    How can I use this again? It says beta expired. TIA

  22. anna says:

    im using 0.2.0-14 it says beta expired what shd i do didnt find any other version for ios 7 iphone 5

  23. Kurt Cunning says:

    I love this app. I just have one issue that is a bit irritating. As some have mentioned the alarm doesn’t work on my phone when I have vWallpaper enabled. I also noticed that if I go to settings>Sounds. If I press the volume buttons the volume bar does not slide left to right as i press the buttons. The volume watermark shows up and shows the volume going up and down respectively. But this shouldn’t appear while in settings. So what I’ve noticed is if the volume bar is all the way down. Even turning it up all the way, the volume bar still stays to the left. Indicating the volume is all the way down. I’m assuming this is where the problem with the alarm sound is stemming. However, this does not seem to happen on my friends phone. We both have iphone 5S running 7.0.4. His works fine……mine doesn’t. I don’t think it’s anything installed from cydia interfering with compatibility because I don’t have many cydia apps installed. Just ifile, unlimtones, applock, and vWallpaper. Anyway. Maybe someone out there knows what’s going on. Just thought I’d let u know what I’m experiencing.

  24. C Slaughter says:

    What happened to 3d jelly and fire vwallpapers?

  25. Karel says:

    Great app!!! I was looking for a video ringtone feature for a long time now. Will definatley purchase once out of beta stage… Keep up the good work. People like you make it worth while having iphones.


  26. aj says:

    when using a video ringtone and my phone rings IT STILL GOES SILENT. will this ever be fixed?

  27. Playmaker says:

    How to create my own video ringtone for use in vwallpaper2?

  28. Oliver says:


    Very great tweak. Is it possible to add more repos on vWallpaper itselfs ? Thanks!

  29. Loulousse9731 says:

    Très bonne application… À avoir absolument.

  30. aj says:

    phone goes to silent on video ringtone. will this ever be fixed?

  31. Yawnli says:

    Hello, i was wondering if the ig33kstas repository from before could be added again. i really liked the Surreal screen. i could provide a small photo if someone is willing to help me find it

  32. Josh says:

    After installing vwallpaper 2 for ios 7, my phone immediately crashes into safe mode.

  33. Jonathan says:

    And i have a 5s

  34. Jonathan says:

    I installed the tweak but now everytime i recieve a pic by message doesn’t show i click the pic but only shows format and numbers what can i do to fix it or what should i do

  35. Gerry says:

    Can you please add minions wallpapers .
    I Love vWallpapers2 on my iphone4/ipad4 ios 7.0.4✨

  36. Carlos says:

    Yo how to you update vwallpaper??

  37. Carl says:

    How do I get the tweak only to show video on lock screen and the original wallpaper on springboard??? Enabling lock screen video and disabling spring board video simply leaves the springboard black

  38. John says:

    Another bug, video plays when I open my ipad for first time even though it was left on an app. I have to close the app which will reset the video and then click that app again and it will then stop playing on the background.

  39. Juan says:

    Can I put my own videos as a videoringtone?

  40. John says:

    Is there a way to turn the video to widescreen? I added youtube videos to the vwallpaper and only a portion of it shows. Thanks a lot for the hard work though!

  41. Luke says:

    Ripple Effect makes springboard crash on iPhone 4S 7.0.2.

    Other than that, nice tweak!

  42. Filter351 says:

    It’s all good on my 5, ios 7.0.4. Where can I upload some awesome video wallpapers that I made from PC wallpaper.

  43. marilena says:

    Please can you also add effect on icons and particles per page is too good I miss thanks

  44. khaled says:

    I seem to be having a problem with vWallpaper
    Im using an iPhone 5s, and when ever i go into Download more videos it freezes for 40-50 seconds then opens up a blank Repository page. Any help is really appreciated guys.

  45. eiger says:

    hi, thank u so much for the amazing job.. vwallpaper really is my all time favorite tweak, it’s one of the reasons why i jailbreak my ipad.. it would really be appreciated if you will also check on the problem that i’m having, when i us the gesture to close the application, it crashes, but it’s working when i close the app using the home button.. btw, mine is ipad mini w/ retina.. again, thank you so much and i hope this could be fixed soon.. ü

  46. Mark says:

    Pizentu rocks, btw. Anyone have an idea how to rid 5 running ios7 of the blurry black status bar overlap when using many of the vwallpapers, most notably “wave” (the wave crashing the shoreline)? Also, many vwallpapers don’t seem compatible with dockify or other means to make a clean, clear dock. Suggestions?

  47. Mark says:

    I just wanted to say a quick shout out of live and gratitude to Skrew, & his tireless dedication to making one of thee greatest jailbreak tweaks available to the jb community. It’s an awesome attribute to iPhone aesthetics & has gotten a girls phone number for me more than once. Bravo! Thank you!!

  48. Rick says:

    Thanks great Tweak!

  49. Marcos says:

    All work in my iphone 4s!!!

  50. Ahmed says:

    Ripple effect has a problem:
    Whenever I set a normal wallpaper for both lock screen and home screen with ripple effect on the springboard crashes. If I disable ripple effect it won’t crash. But if the home screen and lock screen wallpapers are different and ripple effect is on it doesn’t crash. Please fix this. Your tweak is amazing!
    iPhone 5, 7.0.4