iToday 0.6 & Skrew Common 1.45

Et voila…

iToday got 0.6 with long awaited features:
– More sleep delay for lock screen
– You can now disable/enable informations
– You can change blocks order
– If you want video only, just disable all blocks.

Next, vWallpaper with 1.0 version (yeah, stable!) and distributed on BigBoss repository 😉

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4 Responses to iToday 0.6 & Skrew Common 1.45

  1. skrew says:

    Sorry iToday don’t exist anymore for…. 1,5 / 2 years ! 🙂

  2. Laul0 says:


    I have problem for find iToday.
    I have add sources Skrew, install SkrewCommon but i don’t find iToday in sources or when i search…

    I have need help please…

  3. neifer says:

    i have the same problem, even i added your site to sources i´d got just error messages . so i don´t worry about beta, but installation


    please help

  4. furstrated says:

    ive looked avarywhere for this

    how do i install this

    thank you