vWallpaper 2 for iOS 8: First start !


A first pre-version for iOS 8 are available, that’s all i can do before christmas ! I still not had a vacation, it’s time to get some ! 😉

As is the first version, here the todo list (to be clear, don’t write me about theses issues !!!!)

– Video Ringtones don’t works (a lot of change in iOS 8, not sure i can add this feature later).
– Little tweaks for lock screen (like display seconds / don’t turn off while on AC…) don’t works.
– Auto lock timer when video wallpaper are enabled don’t works.
– Maybe some others i forgot.

BTW, enjoy and merry christmas !

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103 Responses to vWallpaper 2 for iOS 8: First start !

  1. steven says:

    I really like vwallpaper
    Web search
    I found that many people also like vwallpaer
    But it is not compatible with ipone6 plus
    lockscreen: video
    can not be used
    springboard: video
    enter the game
    Background music is useless to stop
    We are hoping to update vwallpaer
    Compatible 4S
    Then good use

  2. Moviestar says:

    vWallpaper 2 works with iOS 9?

  3. johnny says:

    Still works like a champ! iPhone 6+ ios 8.3, love it.

  4. Yuzhi says:

    Hello. Could you please make vwallpaper adapt to the IOS 9.0.2?

  5. Khurram says:

    I cant see any icon after installation,
    Is this working in ios 8.4 jailbreak waiting for any reply

  6. Lina nguyen says:

    Can you update vwallpaper 2 ios8.4?

  7. 老板 says:


  8. Vanna says:

    I want upload

  9. Jonna says:

    Hi, so maybe it’s time for some new upgrades? Like maybe make the app more compatible with ios8/ios9, a bit more cleaner. More wallpapers and maybe a setting where you can add your own videos?

  10. Gary kerr says:

    Can you make a wallpaper for lewis hamilton in his formula 1 car or something??

  11. Anonymous says:

    The beta has expired for me what is the official respitory

  12. Brandon says:

    so I just paid for a vwallpaper thing for nothing. I’ll just call my bank and dispute the charge because I didn’t get the proper goods as described. You should update/delete.

  13. Joel says:

    Hey man! Thank you so much for the iOS8 update my friend! Works perfectly well enough for me in every way – I don’t mind the little restart oddities, that’s whatever. I would like to make one request, see where it lands with you, and if you can make it happen / are open to the idea, you’ll see another donation with my name on it again!

    It would be groovy if you could create a toggle that, if enabled, would have vWallPaper2 REMEMBER the timecode stamp of the last frame played before it stopped, say for locking / unlocking, or app launching / quitting, and have the video pick up where it left off for those two screens respectively.

    I know it’s simplest to have it just start the video from the beginning, and for some people that might be exactly what they want – but not the case for the videos I created for my device.

    Just wanted to see where that lands with ya mate! Thanks again regardless!!! Cheers!

  14. mylove says:

    When will you update this APP for IOS8?New Iphone install IOS8.4!Many fans want to use your APP!It can earn many many US dollars!

  15. RonVdC says:

    If you have no interest to update for 8.4 make it a pay app
    So your interest get a boost and we get our updates.

  16. Tim says:

    There are no videos to download in the user repository for any screen size. I’m on iPhone 6 plus iOS 8.4. What’s the problem?

  17. Harbirlohia says:

    How to next update date vwallpaper
    Video ringtone not work my iPhone 6plus
    Please fix video ringtone
    Any website chek no information next update
    I love this app Thank you

  18. SangNguyen says:

    Can you fix “auto lock”? please. i really like this tweak

  19. Calvin Taylor says:

    This tweak is great, BUT I advise super caution… I almost lost my phone to this tweak. I no longer use it because of it.. But I was messing around with some features in the app and it rebooted, and then I couldn’t even use my phone at all, it wasn’t in block (yet) but I couldn’t use the touchscreen at all… I barely got it to work again

  20. wayne says:

    Should we Donate for Video ringtone ?ios 8.x !!!

  21. Kerim says:

    vWalpaper don’t work on iPhone 6+ iOS 8.3
    When we can get vWalpaper which will work on iOS 8?

  22. Omar says:

    I’m running it on iPhone 6. 8.4 works great only problem I have, it stops the video and screen background stays black so I have to respring again. thank you so much.

  23. Huo jianxue says:

    8.3works,thank you

  24. shaner says:

    sucks that you don’t have it ill pay you 150 bucks if you come out with a working one!!!!

  25. klymmï says:

    Dons’t work on my Iphone 6+.. Only on the locksreen !! so bad 🙁 i love this tweak :(((

  26. mylove says:

    IOS9 is coming Sept 18 this year!But your APP can’t work properly on IOS8-8.4.Many Iphone fans jailbreak only for using your APP.We all like it.When somebody phones you,Iphone will show videos which you like it.Please update soon,so that more people will use your APP.If you want to earn more money,please send email to me.My Email:yuwenew@126.com.We talk about cooperating and earning.
    Thank you for writing in reply.

  27. Hoti says:

    Helloo dont work beta experied i6+. ;(

  28. Joey says:

    Hi when I use this I have a lock screen animation but no home screen animation it’s just black? Any help?

  29. Francesco says:

    I’ve installed this on iOS 8.4 it was working flawlessly for some time now I keep getting a black home screen. Can anyone please help?

  30. basti says:

    Hi runs the vwallpaer on iOS 8.3?

  31. Amily says:

    Hello! I’m very appropriate you that you made great work! btw sky rocket has some lag on my iPhone 6, 8.1.2 😛

  32. lee kong says:

    Try to make it perfect

  33. Zein says:

    Video ringtone FIX PLEASE

  34. Logan says:

    In 1 week vwallpaper stop to work

    ‘”Beta expired . Get last version…aplication will exit”

    What i do Now To continium in vwallpaper?

  35. Zein says:

    Please fix video videoringtone iPhone 6plus

  36. Zrooty says:

    Why it’s say “sorry Beta version expired” ? I install vwallpaper 2 ios 8 from deb.danstaface.net and i also add repo i.danstaface.net/repo/ … After reinstalling.. It’s still say beta expired and app just close… Please help… Thanks..

  37. klaxon says:

    Thanks for the update .

  38. Zac says:

    Doesn’t work at all anymore. Says “Beta Expired”. Please fix!!

  39. MLM says:

    Skrew! What’s happening!? When VWallpaper goes down on a jailbreaked iPhone it feels like I’m driving a new Bentley with bicycle tires. Is a fix a matter of donations to assist you? If so I’m in, as before. I’m sure I’m not alone when suggesting you should charge for this most excellent tweak anyway… Is an iOS 8 fix on the horizon? The app’s new popup message before auto-close seems unclear. How can we assist you, s’il vous plâis!?

    FAITHFUL vWallpaper fans unite!!

  40. Vyper says:

    My iPhone 6 plus is telling me the Beta version has expired for vWallpaper 2 for iOS8. This is killing me. Please fix this.

  41. klaxon says:

    Beta expired !

  42. PatrickB says:

    soudainement vWallpaper ne fonctionne plus et me demande d’utiliser la source officielle et non plus la version Beta ??!! Mais c’est la version officielle que j’utilise. Je ne comprends pas. Qu’arrive t’il ? J’ai un iPhone 6 v.8.1.
    Merci de votre aide.

  43. Ahmed says:

    Vwallpapers doesn’t work properly after iPhone 6+ restarts. But after respring it works ok. Maybe you can fix that too so don’t have to respring everytime. Thank you so much! This tweak is why I jailbreak my iPhone everytime. I love it. Please don’t stop working on this tweak!

  44. Carlos says:

    I have an ios8.1.1 6 phone, down load the tweak, but it don’t work goes into safe mode, will you have an update later.thanks

  45. owl says:

    Why video calls or can not be used? When will it be updated? Look forward to your update… Thank you

  46. Gary says:

    When will it be working properly on iOS 8.1.2 on iPhone 6 please thank you.

  47. Franz says:

    It almost 6 months Please Fix Video ringtone . I feel so sad using iphone6+ with ios8 but video ringtone not working.i hope you can fix it because this app why i jailbroken my iphone too. I use this app since my first iphone 3 and i use it for my all iphone. Thank you So MUCH .

  48. Franz says:

    It almost 6 months Please Fix Video ringtone . I feel so sad using iphone6+ with ios8 but video ringtone not working.i hope you can fix it because this app why i jailbroken my iphone too. Thank you So MUCH

  49. Lino says:

    Where can i upload my video?

  50. Tony says:

    Is anyone going to keep posted if it is more to come for this tweak or are we done it’s been I long time since dec 23