vWallpaper 2 for iOS 9 !

Hi all,

Just in time !

– Fixed vWallpaper for LockScreen
– Add support for Ringtones. Note it’s only works with the global video, not per number. (very early stage, can be very bugged, be warned). But it’s better than nothing, no ?

I had just tested vWallpaper on lockscreen, on springboard and vRingtones. If other things doesn’t works please wait for the next version. 

I will make a new version next week.

Merry Christmas !

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36 Responses to vWallpaper 2 for iOS 9 !

  1. Zein says:

    Hi my friend Does the video ringtone work with iOS 9.0.2?

  2. Jarryd says:

    Where is the download link

  3. Gerson says:

    Hello im doing a costom video using vwallpaper and i file streight feom camera roll it works but how in the world do i take off the sound as any video i put as backgound it also sounds hahahah please help maybe show me how to convert a video to not have sound idk but its easy to put a costum video u dont need no conputer all using ifile and passing the videos u have saved u can put a short music vido too but in my case i want a bacground with no sound please help

  4. Wilson says:

    How did you fix that problem. Mine want load up either for my video ringtone.respository section for my video ringtone want load up.

  5. danh says:

    i using ios 9.3.2, iphone 5s
    Vwallpaper 2 don’t have Effectonicons….
    And error safe mode when use effect finger…

  6. Dedrick says:

    Good App Just My Screen Autolock Is Not Working Screen Stays On Until I Press Sleep

  7. Tyga says:

    So I installed it just today and rooted downloaded music videos (no audio) into vWallpaper2/Videos/ and the videos are about 4 minutes long; although every time the screen locks the video starts from the beginning. Is there any way the video could just finish playing and loop from the end to the beginning considering while the phone is locked? It’ll be awesome if it could just keep playing after I lock my phone. Thank you — hopefully someone helps.

  8. LiuFei says:

    I test ok on my iPhone6s Plus just now.
    It very nice!
    I love it!

  9. 阿鲨 says:

    Dear! Vwallpaper2 is not perfect
    Thousands of millions of Chinese users are waiting for you to update
    Please as soon as possible, thank you

  10. 张瑞 says:


  11. yf says:

    Please update videoringtone for 8.4

  12. LilBG says:

    You can download and edit your ringtones via programs on the cpu. I use ultimate video converter and ytd downloader. Takes about 2 mins to make one plus don’t forget to ssh it to your phone with winscp

  13. Francis says:

    How do I get this

  14. Joel says:

    This is the best tweak in Cydia. I love video ringtones but there’s some bugs.
    1. Has the dimensions of the 5s
    2. After receiving/making a call the ringtones plays non-stop. Have to power cycle the phone for it to stop.

    Working off an iPhone 6 Plus. Vwallpaper2 for iOS 9 is definitely my most anticipated Cydia tweak.

  15. 董冠麟 says:

    Can not properly adjust the iOS8 well, it has been a year… OK?

  16. 张瑞 says:

    Videosringtones 6S can not be full screen

  17. Chinese 6P User says:

    Hey Bro,I’ve test it on my 6plus,but I found the vRingtones CAN NOT be fullscreen.Maybe you just update it for i6?I’m really looking forward to it CAN BE USE on 6Plus.Thx very much!!!

  18. Lock screen vwallpaper stays on screen will not shut off.video ringtone
    Not working either,.

  19. Wissam says:

    Please videorintone for 8.4 fix IS not work i wait 1 year please Update VIDEORINGTONE 8.4 jailbreak

  20. Frank says:

    Lock screen has video wallpaper but when the phone goes off / timeout you click back on it’s a black screen the springboard works just fine and the video ringtones seem to work just fine except just a little large on the iPhone 5s but better than nothing

  21. says:

    Videosringtones size, is iPhone5! IPhone6 and 6 + use too small !

  22. Vr 46 says:

    Why dont work download new videos? thx

  23. Ivan says:

    Springboard is not working!!

  24. Jon says:

    Video ringtone isn’t centered. It is stuck on the top left of the screen. Thanks for the release. Merry Christmas.

  25. Laens says:

    Hi! I install vwallpaper2 ios9 on my iphone, it still has the springboard black, lock screen black, my phone dont ring or vibrate when someone call me, and no repositories inside the tweak to download video wallpaper, could you help me please?

  26. Josevi says:

    Is it just me or the repositorys of the download section won’t load up??

  27. Harbir says:

    Merry Christmas

  28. zhang rui says:

    Videosringtones size, is iPhone5! IPhone6 and 6 + use too small !

  29. 张瑞 says:

    Brother, iphone6s, 6+ calls MV to show the size of iPhone5

  30. Zhangrui says:

    Brother, call MV can not be full screen!

  31. Fayçal says:

    Merry Christmas bro

  32. Moe says:

    Everything is amazing on my iphone 6 plus , it works perfectly, but there to things:
    1- I did’nt find any repositorys to download more videos , there is 2 only available
    2- the videos still not compatible with the lock screen saver.
    But overall everything is great and wanderful , so excited to get the next update ,
    Thank you somatch for this amazing tweak , you bring life to iphones
    We really appreciate your job , hope to reply

  33. Isja693 says:

    Lock screen now working on 6+, still black screen on springboard

  34. Aaron says:

    thanks for all your work! vWallpaper is one of the main reasons I still jailbreak

  35. Redbul says:

    Springboard is not working

  36. Redbul says:

    Thnx so much i hope you wil fix it soonn have a nice day

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