New version coming…

Hi all,

I’m currently working on a new version of vWallpaper. (not available for now ! it’s just FYI)



  • Video stop when springboard are not visible (battery saver !)
  • Auto lock works when vWallpaper are active.
  • Ripple effect fixed.
  • Magic fingers fixed.
  • Skyrocket fixed.
  • Video ringtone view size for all devices.
  • Vibration (with vRingtone).
  • vRingtones can be disabled.
  • Can specify a vRingtones / user in contact list.
  • vRingtones don’t stop playing when you take call (as i don’t have this problem, i hope it’s fixed now).


To be fixed:

  • … ?


If you have urgent bug, please post a comment.


Thanks !



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18 Responses to New version coming…

  1. Frank says:

    Screw I knew this was a beta version but I had to take it off of my phone because the sound from the video ringtone would keep playing while I was in call and then it would play and wouldn’t turn off after the phone call was over really weird

  2. Isja693 says:

    Thanks so much for the iPhone 6 Plus black screen issue. I turned off reduce motion and now it works. Thanks for sharing. I love vwallpaper

  3. aboulnemer says:

    You’re the best , don’t waist your time to reply on stupid comments ,
    For those who don’t works on iphone6 plus and having a black screen!! Just remove the reduce motion by turn it off
    Thank you so much bro you give life to iphones ,
    Waiting the update
    All the best 🙏🏼

  4. Jon says:

    I can test it. 6s+ 9.0.2

  5. GOPY says:

    @skrew:Can send my mailbox , I can help you test 6+
    edit: email removed

  6. skrew says:

    i don’t have a 6+ i can jailbreak (iOS 9.2), so i can’t test.

  7. Isja693 says:

    Video will not play on springboards for 6plus phones, just black screen only.

  8. Jon says:

    My phone doesn’t vibrate when receiving a phone call.

  9. I am a Chinese says:

    First of all, I would like to say I really like your plugin, starting from iOS4, each phone has a vwallpaper2. Now ios9 beta is also, I hope master can solve the video call can not be full screen BUG, you can also donate money, I am duty bound!!!

  10. wang says:

    What time will the next versions,Thank you!

  11. skrew says:

    @Wissam: it’s better… I would check for iOS 8 (i have to see if i have devices under 8.x, don’t know, maybe…)

  12. Wissam says:

    : I did not say that you’re my dog ​​but I have been waiting even for 1 year and have no more nervous I had known you to pay tweak for checking this tweak does not update doing I would have done my phone still jailbreak and I am also willing I would like it to me stupid to say that I have also donated via Paypal to ünterstützen about you here but it comes nix from your side but Do not feel directly attacked last it be nice if you tweak it for 8.4 updatest video ringtone

  13. Fayçal says:

    Forward brooo

  14. 斜风细雨 says:


  15. 斜风细雨 says:

    I come from China, thank you video ringtone, jailbreaking is for video ringtones, appreciate your efforts, I will always support you, thank you!

  16. skrew says:

    @Wissam: Because i’m not your dog… This is my problem !

  17. 张瑞 says:

    iphone6 video ringtone not full screen

  18. Wissam says:

    Update this FUCKING TWEAK for iOS 8.4 videorintone I WAIT 1 year for Update YOU LIKE 💰 i give YOU 💰 what is the Problem boy?????