vWallpaper 0.92 & SkrewCommon 1.48

Wooops, the 1.0 version of vWallpaper is not for today! ūüôā

You can now use Videos as ringtones. Please report on forum!
You can add your own videos here : /private/var/mobile/Media/Skrew/vRingtones/

Thanks and have fun

(video from http://iphonefreakz.com. Thanks)


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2 Responses to vWallpaper 0.92 & SkrewCommon 1.48

  1. arvin007ph says:

    Hello, How to update my

    vWallpaper 0.9 & SkrewCommon 1.34 to

    vWallpaper 0.92 & SkrewCommon 1.48 using my iphone….. tnx…



  2. intimur says:

    hello, I downloaded vWallpaper, rebooted my iphone, and now, I cant use any apication the screen gets frozen to scroll up or down, do uyou know how to solve the probleme? I cant uninstall Vwallpaer too, because I cant even enter my installer.

    thank you