New version of vWallpaper2 for iOS 9 released



A new version is available. Thanks to JP F. for helping on testing and feedbacks.

Edit jan., 11.: Quick fix update for repository in vWallpaper.
Edit: Jan., 12: Quick fix for vRingtones.



Fixed in this version:

  • Video stop when springboard are not visible (battery saver !)
  • Auto lock works when vWallpaper are active.
  • Ripple effect fixed.
  • Magic fingers fixed.
  • Skyrocket fixed.
  • Video ringtone view size for all devices.
  • Vibration (with vRingtone).
  • vRingtones can be disabled.
  • Can specify a vRingtones / user in contact list.
  • vRingtones don’t stop playing when you take call (as i don’t have this problem, i hope it’s fixed now).


Enjoy !



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41 Responses to New version of vWallpaper2 for iOS 9 released

  1. Jarryd says:

    Where is the download link

  2. Zezarfranko says:

    Over ios 10.2 vwallpaper block all phone call actions, can upgrade? Is a great tweak and i love it

  3. Taye Diggas says:

    Will You Guys Fix The VRingtone Problem In The IOS 10.2 System? It crashes and call doesn’t come through 😫

  4. Zauljr says:

    Does not appear in lockscreen in iOS 10.2 fix it please

  5. Harpreet Singh says:

    i running 10.2 in my jailbroken iphone 6.i have also installed vwallpapers2 it working only on home not working on lockscreen.please fix this bug.

  6. Jaxon says:

    When I activated my vwallpaper the springboard one works fine but it doesn’t work for lock screen it has my default wallpaper please help

  7. Me says:

    Are you working on an Update for iOS 10.1.1 Compatible with Yalu. Beta

  8. Danny says:

    Hi skrew!
    Thank you for keeping this great tweak alive for so long! It’s absolutely the main reason I jailbreak, great tweak I’m glad many things have improved!
    I’d like to report a small bug – When enabling Lockscreen video, if you unlock your phone right into an open app, the lockscreen video will keep playing in the background and auto lock will stop working, it goes back to normal when exiting to home screen and back or opening the app switcher.

    Also may I ask if you’re willing to update vWallpaper to support the upcoming iOS 10.1.1 Jailbreak?
    Thanks, highly appreciate

  9. Joel says:

    I’ve had this issue too – haven’t missed work to it, because I don’t think a phone should be an alarm, though I definitely understand how that could be problematic for most.

    It seems to me like the “potential” audio track (or audio stream?) for the vWallpaper video over writes the current alarm or alert or stop watch sfx as soon as their sound starts, and the activation of the lock screen starts/ fades in. The screen activating for the alert is in tandem with the fade out of the alarms volume (interesting!)? Probably not really :-p

  10. Brett says:

    I am using a 6s

  11. Brett says:

    Hi skrew
    This is a fantastic app but not 100% compatible with 9.3.3. When I set fireworks or magic fingers or set video as wallpaper it crashes the springboard after a few minutes

    If this can be looked at and fixed I will donate



  12. Volkan says:

    How can we add new videos ?

  13. Dameon says:

    App crash my phone ….any suggestions besides deleting it

    6s plus

  14. Beats65 says:

    Please add screen rotation

  15. Beats65 says:

    Running an iPhone 6 with iOS 9.0.1 no doubt vwallpaper is the best app on Cydia. One issue, video wallpaper crash and only a black screen with icons appear. A respring does the job. Really hope you can sort this out. Big up’s man vwallpaper is app for jailbroken iPhone’s.

  16. tomoyo says:

    hello,I used new version on Pro iPad pro(9.1).
    But it has a problem. landscape mode Video resolution error. It can’t be full screen.I try to change the resolution and it has no effect.I don’t know what to

  17. IvanRaide says:

    On iPhone 6S iOS 9.0.2, the app works great EXCEPT! it seems to kill the audio on alarms. It is not always the case, it seems that after a respring something gets mess up in the reload and as soon as an alarm starts it plays for about 1 second or so and then the audio is killed, but the alarm dialog still shows, (so the alarm is working, just the audio has stopped). Typically a respring will fix it, but when it happens, I dont make it to work 🙁 I have removed it and the alarms are fine now, but really miss it.

  18. Rch says:

    Great job on v wallpaper I havnt seen this since iPhone 3G but somthing is up with the wallpaper I’m on iOS 8 jailbroken and I got vwallpaper on i6 and it crashes all the time

  19. Felix says:

    Awesome job guys !

  20. Slatch says:

    Hey Skrew thanks for this app man. Ive been using it since it came out on the first ipod touches.

    I currently am using an ipad air 2 9.0 a lot and though your app does work I have a couple questions. Are you able to tweak it so that the video either stretches in portrait mode or centers it or something? It currently hugs the left when i go into lanscape. That would be so cool if it worked.
    Also would there be a possibility of users creating videos to upload to a repository or being able to use a saved video on their device as the background?

    Regardless this app rocks and thanks for making it man.

  21. Steven says:

    Thx for your work, but i can’t find the last version in your cydia resource. Please tell me how to download v1.2 for ISO 9.

  22. Shaun says:

    Great job. This tweak is my main reason for jailbrwaking

  23. aboulnemer says:

    Dear skrew hope you’re doing great bro , it was amazing update everything is working wonderful
    Kindly i just wanna ask you if you can add more beautiful waterfalls to the repositorys, cuz its a wonderful and unique
    Thanx you so much, reguards bro

  24. boblyt says:

    Please update vwallpaper2 for ios8 version .thx !

  25. Fayçal says:

    It works flawless. Big up broo

  26. The Vwallpaper does not cover the whole screen when in landscape mode

  27. Jon says:

    Update fixed the background audio during calls. Great work as always.

  28. PAUL0306 says:

    Skrew okay ?, the application this locking in the global settings screen, when I choose the video.
    simply freezes for about 10 seconds and closes , you wonder what can it be?
    ios 9.0.2 iphone 6

  29. Harbir Lohia says:

    Thanks For update..😘

  30. skrew says:

    It’s Skrew, not Screw ! 😉
    I don’t know why this tweak block vRingtones, maybe because the audio take ownership on all others, and stop video playing.
    It’s a paid one, i don’t use paid tweaks.

  31. Frank says:

    Screw I sent you a tweet hope you got it the vwallpaper really is fixed there’s just a tweak that it’s conflicting with called speak notification when it’s enabled it keeps the video from playing when I disable it the video will play so you know I don’t know what that is anyway I sent a message to the owner of that tweak to see if there is something we can do

  32. Frank says:

    Mines doing the same thing yours is John

  33. skrew says:

    Ok right… i never tested to call with the JB phone… just receiving call…

  34. Frank says:

    Yes sorry the audio still plays when I’m trying to make a phone call like John said you can hear it playing in the background or when the phone is ringing them you don’t see the video it’s just the audio that’s playing

  35. Jon says:

    It only happens with me when I make a phone call. It plays in the background. Sometimes after hanging up the music plays in the background and won’t stop until I respring the phone.

  36. skrew says:

    I don’t have the problem of vRingtone playing in call… Someone give me a way to reproduce (do you have anything special on your config ? a BT earpod ? Any things can help me for reproducing this bug)

  37. Frank says:

    Screw the audio from the video ringtone still plays in your ear when making or receiving a call

  38. Fayçal says:

    Thanks for the update bro.
    The video ringtone always walk in outgoing calls

  39. Isja693 says:

    Thanks dude for all your hard work. Going to donate you some $$

  40. 张瑞 says:

    Dial out the phone vRingtone Have been working, And can’t close!

  41. Harbir Lohia says:

    skrew all teams good works thanks…😊