vWallpaper for iOS 10

Hi all,


vWallpaper for iOS 10 are coming


Current status:

  • vWallpaper on Lock screen: OK
  • Magic finger on 4,7″ and 5.5″: OK
  • Rotation (for iPhone plus): OK
  • Main application updated for 4,7″ and 5.5″: OK
  • Main application 64bits: OK
  • Video Ringtones: NOK (need a lot of works)


Don’t tell me when, just be patient… I work on it on my free time… and i don’t have a lot of free time !


Latest news will be available on twitter, @skrew

Edit: don’t complain about bugs if you install vWallpaper for iOS 9 on your iOS 10 device !


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8 Responses to vWallpaper for iOS 10

  1. skrew says:

    Give me a link to your video on twitter, i will add it.

  2. Danny says:

    I have a nice video wallpaper I made, would love it to be added to the downloadable wallpapers list.
    Is it possible?
    Also just wanna mention that the bug I referred to was present in iOS 9.3.3, not iOS 10.

  3. Shaun Morrow says:

    Thank you for all the effort you put in… this tweak is the reason I downlaoad and have so many jealous over… Is there a link for the updated version so will show on lockscreen? please
    Edit: Don’t publish your email !

  4. Jarryd says:

    Hey skrew where is the download link please

  5. Sikoooo says:

    Sometimes when I open a app and close it, Vwallpaper glitches out for a couple seconds in springboard. It would be dope if you could fix that for this update ! No rush ! Stay high

  6. Danny says:

    Hi skrew!
    Thank you for putting so much effort on this tweak and keeping it alive. It’s my favorite tweak and the most essential for me!
    Waiting patiently.
    Would also like to report a bug that took place with vWallpaper2 for iOS 9 — iOS 9.3.3.
    when I was using the lockscreen vWallpaper feature, everytime I unlocked the phone right into an open app, auto lock did not work and the video kept playing in the background until springboard was visible. So I had to use activator to exit home everytime I unlocked the phone.
    Hopefully it’s not present in the new version for iOS 10.
    Thank you again!

  7. borgqueenx says:

    ETA pls.

    In seriousness? Im using vwallpaper on ios 10 now (buggy as fuck) but does it eat battery when just using it for a wallpaper scroll? (like android)

  8. Jarryd says:

    Where is the download link