vWallpaper for iOS 10: Let’s go !

Hi people,


vWallpaper for iOS 10 released !

First, i want to thanks donators and people who helped me.


TO FIX: When vRingtones are enabled, vibrations don’t works. If you need your device to vibrate, you have to disable vRingtones. Next release will fix it, if i found how.


Official repository: http://deb.danstaface.net


Next year (2018), we have to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of vWallpaper. A nice date to stop the development, and let other devs to make a better vWallpaper app !

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8 Responses to vWallpaper for iOS 10: Let’s go !

  1. Rbn says:

    I fix it with ifile in the two SB_VideoSelected.plist files. Great app.

  2. skrew says:

    It’s not a bug… users want to see the video wallpaper in full screen

  3. Rbn says:

    The dock disappears when the springboard video is activated. Please, if you can fix for the docks to be seen. Thanks

  4. Nonchi says:

    Hi, my Video Rington doesnt work it! 🙁

  5. Said says:

    VWallpaper2 iOS 10 the video ringtone works when receiving calls but when dialing it always plays the video. Can u fix it

  6. Danny says:

    Also just noticed you’re gonna make this into an open source project in the future(?) or perhaps pass it to another dev.
    Highly appreciate all the effort you put to update the tweak all the way!

  7. Danny says:

    Thank you for updating it!
    So far it seems to be working great and smooth!
    The bug where unlocking into an app keeps the video playing in the background until exiting to springboard is still active, but overall I’m very satisfied as everything works and some stuff improved.

  8. Jarryd says:

    Hey shrew where the download link please