vWallpaper for 2.0 ? yes!

Great news!

i have vWallaper running right now on my iPhone 3G.
I would like to have some testers. Please contact me by mail. (only if you are a donator and you have a good knownledge of iphone & ssh!!!)

WARNING: As comcast have banned my mail server, i can’t reply to comcast users. Please write with another mailbox!

Lets go! ūüôā

BETA ARE NOW CLOSED! Thanks all for great reports & feedbacks!

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48 Responses to vWallpaper for 2.0 ? yes!

  1. romanzo13 says:


  2. instinktx206 says:

    I’m getting jealous of all of these youtube video’s of everyone using vwallpaper! hahaha, when do you think it will be out? I would donate a small amount of money for it if you would let me install it! Like $20?


    Just curious, thanks! 

  3. henczy says:

    Then I donated for nothing? Or what does that mean, BETA CLOSED???

  4. tipiak00 says:

    Beta are closed !!! since a couple of week

  5. henczy says:

    Hi, I’ve donated too, please send me some instructions on installing vWallpeper, thanks.

  6. Antaurean says:

    I donated and I would like to get email instructions on installing apps.I

  7. pirateer says:

    I donated about a few days ago and still haven’t received an email to get vwallpaper, please send.


    Thank you!

  8. h1m8 says:

    I would love to text the vwallpaper on 2.x firmware.  I have just donated.  If I cannot I understand since the beat is close.  Thank you for all your hard work!

  9. moagu099 says:

    i have donated please send license for vwallpaper.



  10. prasan says:


  11. tipiak00 says:

    Hi all,


    What will be number version of vwallpaper for FW 2.0


    Thanks guy

  12. oscarsmb says:


  13. watdafxdat says:

    Well finally got my email fixed and sure enough there was an email from Skrew with his vWallpaper 0.94 beta files and instructions..So far it works well…You need to know SSH well using Putty..Also it runs but you cant choose videos or turn the video on or off..When you tap the vwallpaper icon it just flashes and the video background begins to play..the only way I have ben able to change the video is if I replace the one that come with it with mine and name it fire.mov..since you cant switch the video it only sees fire.mov as default¬†and you ¬†have to do it all via SSH..Other than that..Another quality app from Skrew in my eyes..Once the bugs are out and you can change videos without SSH then it will be awsome…Also if you have Winterboard installed you need to make sure you¬†open winterboard and uncheck the one that says User Wallpaper in the list for the video to work..¬†

    Thx Skrew for the chance to beta test for you.

  14. kstow26 says:

    I sent a donation (8/7/08) and never recieved anything!! Please could you send me the source code or the insttuctions on how to get vWallpapers on my jailbroken 2.0.




  15. watdafxdat says:

    Do you know Jays site address so I can read up on the notes hes got on winterboard..


  16. mjg says:
    yes. the Winterboard one does skip a bit. it goes black when it loads the video, and then stalls for a second. Jay is working on that. the notes for this are on his site.
  17. fercho99 says:

    well i think we will just have to donated more and wait for him to update us

  18. tipiak00 says:

    it wiil be the only reason for me to up date to 2.0.1 from my 1.1.4



    Similar for me

  19. watdafxdat says:

    When I add an mp4 to winterboard it plays fine for a second then its like it goes into fast forward and then it stops and starts again…Any Ideas guys

    Anyone having this issue,,tried reboot ,respring,different video…same results


    Ok so as far as I can see ,¬†What¬† I think is happening is¬†the movie plays to the end then you see it rewinding…this is why is stops and then goes almost like its playing in fast forward then it goes back to normal..Anyway I dunno how to solve it..Maybe some of you guys do…?

    But it’s definitly not looping properly¬† .


  20. fercho99 says:

    omg thank you so much this is the best

  21. mjg says:
    Winterboard supports video backgrounds now. if you are using Winterboard, you can add video backgrounds to any theme by adding a "Wallpaper.mp4" file to the theme.
  22. fercho99 says:

    yeah i hope he releases it soon it wiil be the only reason for me to up date to 2.0.1 from my 1.1.4

  23. watdafxdat says:

    So any Idea when it will be released I cant wait to try this app..It looks awsome

  24. fercho99 says:

    how soon today  tomorrow in a week two weeks a month when??

  25. tipiak00 says:

     The software will be release soon ???

  26. linuxbarista says:

    Have donated. Would like to test. 

     Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

  27. cobra85ec says:


    i wanna be a tester

  28. chicago773 says:

    I just requested the software for the New 3G Iphone program for VWAlllpaper..please advise when I should be getting or authorize to use VWallpaer

  29. jrentzke says:

    Has anyone received the beta version yet?


    btw. Skrew, will vWallpaper also include vRingtones? (since VideoTones has been released at one hell of a price…)¬†

  30. Retell says:

    People! learn to read. It says to email him, not leave him your email.

    Skrew’s Email: skrew@rootmail.org

  31. tipiak00 says:

    That’s a very good news, I’am waiting for this to upgrade to 2.0

    Thanks a lot for your work

  32. phil.harlow says:

    What is skrew’s email? I donated and would happy to test this out. Same email for this account as my paypal.


  33. hnhhzy says:

    thx~i very love this soft~~thx to send me to test,i wanna a tester ^^

    etzhaoyue@vip.qq.com or etrabbit@hotmail.com

  34. mervin23 says:

    hello I have donated twice and I would like to test the vwallpaper at 2.0 can you help me? my email maritzita59@hotmail.com or you_roman@hotmail.com

  35. anial8 says:

    donated and would love to help test your apps on 2.0

  36. Assassin says:

    hey Skrew, i donated 5 euro`s and would llike to test the new vWallpper. i have extensive knowledge of iphone hacking.   thanx

  37. IphoneCrazy says:

    Hi I’ve just signed up and donated. How do I get to test your great apps? My username is IphoneCrazy and my email is marcusanthony@gmail.comThanks

  38. jayteez says:

    I would like to test vwallpaper for 2.0..thanks

  39. x98car says:

    I just donated and signed up, regular user of vwallpaper for 1.1.4 and know my way aroud ssh. What e-mail do I write to to request testing the new version?

  40. ggeegino says:

    Hi skrew i would love to test vwallpaer i have donated to you! Please email me …ggeegino@gmail.com thank you!!!!

    gino hakimi

  41. mbjenks6 says:

    Best Donation I ever made.  Keep up the good work. really want to test.

  42. c0reyl says:

    ive been looking for days, literally please help me i need to get this app

  43. lmame says:

    Hi ūüėČ

    I just donated and drop you a mail on your Paypal mail address, I hope it’s the good one ūüôā

  44. Ramses says:

    I have just donated this morning and I would like to know if I can test to vWallpaper. Thank you

  45. cobra85ec says:

    i wanna be ur slave…

    i would to test any of your appz.. 

  46. jaya30341 says:

    Have pretty good experience using SSH- would be only too happy to test version 2.0 on 1st generation iPhone. Phone is pwned & OpenSSH installed via Cydia.
    Enjoyed iFastSwitch too! Thanks for all the great apps.

  47. Stoffels says:

    Hi i know SSH and be abble to test

  48. nickboeka says:

    AWESOME!!!¬† I’ll be happy to test out the new vWallpaper on my phone.¬† I have a 2G phone, running 2.0 software, pwned using custom firmware.¬† I have an iTunes account, and can download apps from phone or iTunes, with no problems.¬† I know how to SSH, and am familiar with the file directory structure