Ringtones and vWallpaper with auto install

Hi all, long time ūüôā

vWallpaper & Skrewcommon got an update, with fully automatised installation

Also i started porting Ringtones for iPhone 2.x. There are only quick convert option ATM.

As usual, it’s only for regular testers. I don’t take any new tester for the moment. Thanks for understanding.

WARNING: As comcast have banned my mail server, i can’t reply to comcast users. Please write with another mailbox!

Lets go! ūüôā

BETA ARE NOW CLOSED! Thanks all for great reports & feedbacks!

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24 Responses to Ringtones and vWallpaper with auto install

  1. JUBU276 says:

    super cool

  2. sysman78 says:

    c la merde

  3. iphone2009 says:

    every time i use the program the video ringtones works with my contacts i asign but the program shut off all my other ringtones for contact without a video ringtine assigned. 


  4. erooster says:

    Refresh Failed

    Could not refresh sources!


    please help me 

  5. liras says:

    downloaded ringtones works great hope the advanced convercion option comes soon


  6. wesexcellence says:

    I used any converter software and converted my videos to mp4.¬† Then i ssh’d them to my phone.¬† They look great but I’m not sure what size etc… because they look perfect.¬† I hope this helps.

  7. poloyc says:

    I need to add more videos of my own. I tryied to upload some .mp4 and they worked but they look strange not as the one that came with the program could anybody help me with the format,size and all that?

  8. wesexcellence says:

    I just enabled vwallpaper and recieved a call at the same time.

    My phone went blank and it rebooted to the restore screen.

    Once I connected to my pc, it was fine.

    But if I wasn’t near home I would have been screwed.

    Is this a conflict with winterboard?

  9. wesexcellence says:

    I loaded the ringtone program yesterday and spent the day making music video ringtones and ssh-ing them to my phone.

    If i call my phone it works great…as long as I hang-up from the other phone.

    But if I recieve a call, I can’t answer and my vibrate on the iphone continues until I shut the phone down.

    Any ideas?

  10. bez54 says:

    Any news on it yet? I am looking forward to this app. Winterboard version is rubbish.

  11. raoulhue says:


  12. imbuggin says:

    Why did I make a donation? You will not return emails? I have gotten no instructions on Vwall for 2.0 and you have not updated your site log in weeks. I feel ripped off. I love your program but hate that you don’t communicate and take our money. Release the program to those who paid already!

  13. instinktx206 says:

    Hey! I would really like a chance to betatest vWallpaper (I understand you stopped taking on new beta testers) But if I were to put up a donation would you consider it? I’ve got a 3g iphone running 2.1 firmware jailbroken and it won’t let me add i.danstaface.net as a source…

     Please e-mail me: shawnkivie@gmail.com



  14. blacqa says:

    any new repositories? i need some new vwallpapers. thanks guys

  15. ricksu88 says:

    Hi ! How can I install the vWallpaper for my Iphone 2.02 via installer or cydia?

    Which is the souce site ?

  16. aras jamei says:


  17. likes2fly says:

    got the email and its a great app but it locks my phone up alot. hope will will come out with a bug fix soon. i have the new 3g

  18. mre says:

    Hi guys! When is going to be released this wonderful app? Someone knows when?

    Because I would like to have it.


  19. jrentzke says:

    iphonevideorecorder is made by another company, and it is the updated version from 114 that is now on Cydia. skrew has no affiliation with them (afaik). 

    vWallpaper is not out on Cydia yet Рonly the beta testers have a copy 

  20. monchy36 says:

    Vwallpaper is running smooth but i see that video ringtones is not working is any command to fix this? thank,s again Skrew great app!!!! my e-mail monchy011772@yahoo.com

  21. mervin23 says:
    Hello that I would love to try this in my iphone 3G 16GB and 16GB on my iphone 2G and sent me as download and install the earlier but I was not able to install it. Thank you for your applications  my email you_roman@hotmail.com o maritzita59@hotmail.com
  22. polo says:

    hey skrew where is¬† the vip source i been having videowallpaper since day one but I’am on 2.0.1¬† do i have to donate to get VIP souce i been looking for videowallpaper on cydia but don’t see unless i donate to get special source…please skrew help us out here we need you!!!!!!!!!!

  23. gustavo.promo says:

    Long waiting. We’re dieing here. Thanks for the great work.

  24. HollowFCashis says:



     I am an iPhone product specialist who had skrewCommon with iPhonevideorecorder and vWallpaper and I loved it, however since I have updated to 2.0.2 I am not so sure the "iphonevideorecorder" being offered on Cydia is in fact the genuine real deal, can you shed some light? 


     Also there is no option to download vWallpaper  :