Cool effects with vWallpaper

Thanks to Hemi247 who send me this video… Enjoy!


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9 Responses to Cool effects with vWallpaper

  1. Iphone_Man says:

    Hi, i have installed an and it works but i have like a tear image infront of the vwallpaper for some reason anyone know how to remove it ?

    Never mind i found the problem 🙂 it was inside of Vwallpaper the new option for a image i might have to creae a whole them for this to match 🙂

    but heres my custom image i did for the Matrix Video wallpaper

    My Custom image to fit the Matrix Vwallpaper



  2. brad says:

    grate app wrere can i get the sources for this on cydia 2.1 idonated can you help email me at bradpatnaude@comcast,net

  3. ozmaster says:

    Hey Skrew looks great!!!. I maid a donation and wanted to know if theres a repo for cydia 2.0 my email is for all the hard work.

  4. derekkimble says:

    This looks great, but i can’t seem to find it anywhere. my iphone jailbreak 2.1  my installer says it’s not a valid site. Please help



  5. ricksu88 says:

    I want the vWallpaper and I will donate. Is that already for 2.02 and 2.1 firmware? Please reply ! I need know that . 

  6. polo says:

    hey skrew i need vWallpaper back my email is i will donate thanks..

  7. says:

    Great job so far.
    Some suggestions:
    Please, hide (or put at the botton) the menu that appears when previewing a video.
    Also, a zoom wouldn’t be bad. Some videos from mxtube just won’t fit the screen automatically.

  8. says:

    Where can I find these videos? Or that is already for 2.x firmware?

  9. 96hondaex says:

    Looks awesome!