vWallpaper 0.96 & SkrewCommon 1.52

Hey people,

This is the most important update for me since firmware 2.x ! ūüôā

First, beta are closed now! Expect a public version very soon.

What’s new ?

– SkrewCommon now use MobileSubstrate.
vRingtones are back! You can use Video Ringtones as Ringtones.
– You can now switch off/on vWallpaper/vRingtones without restarting Springboard (same for changing videos)
– vWallpaper don’t stop iPod music (Warning, it don’t work with PwnPlayer, as it don’t use the normal API SBMediaController isPlaying).
iPhone can sleep while vWallpaper are running (but it stop vWallpaper of course! :p).

Please send me feedback, i have to do some works on vWallpaper application (UI & other) and i put it in public release.

Thanks all 


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18 Responses to vWallpaper 0.96 & SkrewCommon 1.52

  1. skrew says:

    It’s still for today… watch out the site for news ūüôā

  2. 1000101 says:

     Thanks.  Looking forward to this.  

  3. skrew says:

    This repo only work for iphone 1.1.x 

    The new repo are in beta & private ATM but the final version while goes out tomorrow (public version of course)

    So just wait tomorrow and TADA! ūüôā

  4. luisgarza23 says:

    I cannot get either SkrewCommoon or vWallpaper or vRingtones on my iPhone 3g. I have added the source "http://i.danstaface.net" but it doesnt appear on the list. Can anyone help me?

  5. elmoelmo says:

    will try it tomorrow, have to go to bed now. thanks man! All the best from Sweden!

  6. skrew says:

    It’s fixed too …

    What i can do without you !!! ūüôā



  7. skrew says:

    Damned! and i’m not (yet) drunk!

    Please update both skrewcommon & vwallpaper it clean garbage & fix global video ringtones … (i hope so, please report ! :p)


  8. elmoelmo says:

    now all is fine:) thanks! its just a small thing. i can manage it but dont know if everyone can SSH:) There is no folder SKREW in var/Mobile/Media. it goes initially here /Applications/vWallpaper.app/private/var/mobile/Screw so the app cant read any video from there i guess. I just moved it to the var/Mobile/Media and its working just fine.

    Thanks a lot! 

  9. elmoelmo says:

    now is working, but only if i assign a tone to someone from my contact list. if i assign a global tone, my phone is just silent and vibrate only.

  10. skrew says:

    grrr yep you are right!


    Please reinstall vwallpaper and tell me

  11. elmoelmo says:

    i have just updated and now anytime i try to enter video ringtones option, the app just crash. otherwise the vwallpaper is working just fine:) but not the ringtones

  12. skrew says:

    I will release it in 2 days, as i don’t get negative reports ATM.

  13. 1000101 says:

    Is vWallpaper coming out this week or next week?  I have been waiting for this app since April.  Great app!  its my top three apps!


    Thanks Skrew 

  14. elmoelmo says:

    reinstalled vwallpaper and its just¬†awesome… thank you very much screw.

  15. skrew says:

    i contact you by email

  16. Spurman says:

    vringtone comes up great its just the sound that wont come out on incoming calls

  17. skrew says:

    vringtones take the volume settings you have in your settings for ringtones…

    What you have under Settings > Sounds > Volume under "Ring" ?

  18. Spurman says:

    I downloaded the updated version and I can preview my vringtones now and set them. I am not getting any sound for the vringtones when I get a actual call though. When I preview the sound is fine but not when I get a real call.