SkrewCommon 1.54 released

NOTA : This version has been removed


A new version of SkrewCommon released with :

– Hook get a cure of slimfast!
– You can now watch a movie with iPod without getting iPhone sleeping.
– As Saurik don’t reply to my mail, vWallpaper now works with theme/webtheme of Winterboard (but it’s not a clean fix, as Winterboard still display wallpaper/web theme in background, this is a waste of speed/memory for nothing!)

Have fun!

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6 Responses to SkrewCommon 1.54 released

  1. tribe665 says:

    where would i find the vwallpaper forum?- thanks (awesome app btw)

  2. bez54 says:

    You could post it on here. Loads of vWallpaper to download.

  3. tofu says:

    i have a reall nice FishAquarium vwallpaper i like to share with all you guys, but i don’t know how to upload on here or NE were els! can some one help. thank you


  4. bez54 says:

    Thanks skrew. sorted now

  5. skrew says:


    i have removed the new version (on my repo, i don’t know if ispazio are up to date), so uninstall/reinstall you will have the "old" version (1.53-2)


  6. bez54 says:

    The new update for skrewcommon keeps crashing my phone! keeps going to safe mode after the skrew common update please help!!!!!!